Directed by: Rajiv S.Ruia

Produced by: Veeraj Kumar

Story by: Rajiv S.Ruia

Starring: Riya Sen, Veena Malik, Rajan Verma, Arya Babbar, Supriya Kumari

Music by: Vivek Kar & Amjad-Nadeem

Editing by: Satish Patil


When a movie does not have big names i.e. actors, producers or directors it is completely upto the storyline and marketing to make it work, but luckily today the game has changed a bit! Newcomers are starting to get their due but again only if the storyline is really strong. Also one fool-proof method to gain good publicity is through songs. So let us see if Zindagi 50-50’s songs can match up to audience’s expectations!

                      Track                     Singer(s)                        Rating
Zindagi 50-50 Bappi Lahiri, Antara Mitra, Gufy ★★½☆☆
Tu Saamne Jo Aaye Mika Singh ★★½☆☆
Sadde Naal Aaja Manek-E, Neha Batra, Gufy ★★☆☆☆
Toh Se Naina Rekha Bhardwaj ★★★½☆
Rabba Rahat Fateh Ali Khan ★★★☆☆
Delhi Delhi Dev Negi ★★½☆☆

1.      Zindagi 50-50:

The title track of a movie is usually the one that also serves as promo track for the movie and helps in pitching it. Does this song achieve its goal? Well, not exactly! Sung by Bappi Lahiri and Antara Mitra this one tries to give an atmosphere of a fast paced thriller and a dance-y number with a good measure of guitar riffs and the sounds of shattering glass thrown in. The vocals do not sound all that edgy; hopefully the other songs fare better.

2.      Tu Saamne Jo Aaye:

It seems as if no Hindi movie is complete without a usual Punjab-inspired track, and a trend can stay alive so long it’s innovative but sadly all of them are starting to sound the same. This song is not purely Punjabi =inspired but regardless that is the main feel conveyed and is just about average and a one-time listen owing to its tempo.

3.      Sadde Naal Aaja:

 Rephrasing the previous song review, no Hindi movie seems complete without a usual Punjabi-inspired disco track and again unless the song is really good it usually gets lost in the melee of similar sounding tracks and again this track is nothing amazing or spectacular to talk about. Perhaps the tempo could have been a little faster and the song could have had more of a punch.

4.      Toh Se Naina:

Soft music, Check. Beautiful singing, Check. A Good Feel, Check. Easily one of the best tracks the song is sweet and simple with a little qawwali feel and guitar riffs thrown in. Enjoyable for those who like slow melodious tracks, but can be a tad too slow for some.

5.      Rabba:

 This is again a melodious track with good lyrics. Hopefully the picturization will add more to this song. Not brilliant but pretty good.

6.      Delhi-Delhi:

 Again has a fast paced-thriller sort of feel to it, might do good with the picturization. Not one of those tracks that will become an instant hit but with time might just grow on you!

All-in-all neither fabulous nor downright terrible but somewhere in the middle. But will an average music track work for this movie? Only time will tell!

Verdict: Sticking to tried and tested method won’t always work!

Album Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆