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Cast : Ram Charan, Priyanka Chopra, Sanjay Dutt, Mahie Gill, Prakash Raj, Atul Kulkarni

Music : Anand Raj Anand, Chitrantan Bhatt, Meet Bros Anjjan

Story : Salim-Javed

Editing : Chintu Singh

Lyrics : Manoj Yadav

Cinematography : Gururaj R.Jois

Screenplay : Apoorva Lakhia,Suresh Nair

Direction : Apoorva Lakhia


       Track Name



Mumbai Ke Hero

Mika Singh,Talia Bentson



Mamta Sharma,Meet Bros Anjjan


Lamha Tera Mera

Palak Muchhal,Wajhi Farooki


Khochey Pathan Ki Zubaan

Sukhwinder Singh,Meet Bros Anjjan,Shabab Sabri



Shweta Pandit


Shakila Banoo

Shreya Ghoshal


Album Analysis

1. Mumbai Ke Hero

Singers : Mika Singh,Talia Bentson

Music : Chitrantan Bhatt

The ‘catchiest’ song in the entire album. ‘Mumbai Ke Hero’ has already caught the attention of many ears long back thanks to the promos.The song mainly done as a promotional number also features the classic lines from Amitabh Bachchan.Loaded with foot-tapping beats,cool arrangements & perfect rendition by Mika Singh,one can expect some dance moves from Ram Charan too.The lyrics,especially during the rap portion in the middle is quite a downer.The album’s best track.

2. Pinky

Singers : Mamta Sharma,Meet Bros Anjjan

Music : Meet Bros Anjjan

Next arrives ‘Pinky’, the hugely hyped Priyanka Chopra item number.After the initial few seconds itself,one could predict the pattern of the song.Mamta Sharma returns to croon yet another item number and the fizz is certainly missing with such an outdated tune.The song has a strong Marathi flavor.The lyrics doesn’t impress either.But still,one could expect this song to be played in all the award shows.

3. Lamha Tera Mera

Singers : Palak Muchhal,Wajhi Farooki

Music : Chitrantan Bhatt

First things first. On first hearing,one could easily fall under the impression that Atif Aslam and Shreya Ghoshal have sung this number.But they haven’t. Both Palak and Wajhi sound too similar to Shreya and Atif.’Lamha Tera Mera’ is a soothing,slow romantic duet which ticks most boxes & comes out as probably the second best track of the album. A decent track overall.

4. Khochey Pathan Ki Zubaan

Singers : Sukhwinder Singh,Meet Bros Anjjan,Shabab Sabri

Music : Meet Bros Anjjan

Remember ‘Yaari Hai Imaan’ from the original ? Yeah,that’s a classic.’Khochey Pathan’ is the qawwali equilavent to the above mentioned number and the team has got it’s idea right.Sukhwinder comes across as a clever choice to sing this track and the composer has got the flavor right too.But it is the tune which merely passes by and doesn’t make much of an impression that falters the whole attempt. But still,worth a listen for the attempt to recreate something original.Guess would improve with multiple listening.

5. Kaatilana

Singers : Shweta Pandit

Music : Meet Bros Anjjan

‘Kaatilaana’ is a cabaret song set to the retro tunes of Meet Bros Anjjan.The arrangements,instrumentation are quite reminiscent of yesteryear classics of RD Burman. However,the tune doesn’t stick in the listener’s minds.This song is supposed to feature Mahie Gill & vocals by Shwetha Pandit is impressive. One hopes that this number would grow on repeated listening & with picturisation.Very Helenesque.

6. Shakila Banoo

Singers : Shreya Ghoshal

Music : Anand Raj Anand

Immediately after listening to this number,one can draw parallels with ‘Chakku Churiya’ track from the original Zanjeer.Both the songs start with similar instrumentation,both the songs are supposed to be the character driven heroine introduction songs.It is just that one is a classic & the other one is not so.’Shakila Banu’ marks the return of Anand Raj Anand to the music scene & this song is one of the better tracks in the album.The arrangements are catchy & so is the hook line of the song.Shreya Ghoshal completely owns this song.

Picks of the album : Mumbai Ke Hero,Shakila Banoo,Lamha Tera Mera

Album Verdict : Nowhere near the original. Has 2-3 hummable tracks

Album Rating:  ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆