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Becoming a YouTuber has become something musicians decide to do when they want to take the bigger step in their career. We sat down with Siddharth Sunil, someone who recently took the big step to make a YouTube channel to make his music available to a wider audience. Here’s what he has to say:

It can be seen that you have a unique tone to your voice. Who do you quote as your musical influences?

I would have to say I attribute Bruno Mars as my biggest influence to the way I sing, play and perform.

Creating a YouTube channel is taking a big step as a musician. Did you have second thoughts starting out?

Of course I did. In the country I live in, there really is no place for one’s passion to become something more than a mere hobby. However, my parents were supportive of me getting into music and performing in shows. But taking the next step and making it a career? I have my doubts.

I think it can be seen that you are a great piano player. When did you start playing, and why that particular instrument?

I first started taking piano classes in the 2nd grade, circa 2005. It was my parents who enrolled me, so it really wasn’t up to me! However, I soon lost interest, and it was years later, in the 8th grade, that I decided to get back, and I commenced from scratch. Since then, there has been no looking back!

Do you come from a musical background? Who influenced you into this entire process?

No, I do not come from a musical background. My father’s an army officer and my mother is a homemaker. I must say my influences have been more of acquired tastes over the years, which have hit me in various ways at various emotions and at various times, to result in a harmonious confluence.

You’ve landed quite a few gigs recently. What, in your perspective, should be done to make a great show for the audience?

Well, to be honest, I’ve only just landed my first few gigs. And, as I learnt from the first of them, there will be both good and bad gigs alike, and each serves as a new learning experience. However, as I’ve learnt from previous informal performances, one must give the crowd what it wants. One could sit at home, pleasuring oneself in one’s favourite melodies, but in a performance, where there are people coming to watch you, you must make sure they, as well as you, have a good time!

Are pre-performance jitters normal? Or have you gotten over them?

Yes, as with almost any other performing art or sport, nervousness is pretty normal, and even healthy. I counter it by just sticking to what I’ve prepared, and also by inviting friends to come and watch me play. This, I’ve found, really helps boost confidence while performing.

What is your fondest musical memory?

Probably the time I performed “Hotel California”, by The Eagles, at a cultural event at my college, NALSAR University of Law.

What advice would you give to a beginner with a will to start a YouTube channel and take steps to become a musician?

If, as you say, the potential YouTuber has the will, that’s all he’ll need!

Have you experienced writing your own music?

I really was into writing and composing music when I was in the ninth and tenth grades, when I used to have a two-man music group with a classmate in New Delhi. We co-wrote 4 original songs. Describing it is not exactly easy, to be honest. However, it is, I discovered, something that I really took to, and something that really flew smoothly.