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Cast: Shiva, Santhanam, Sandhya and Dhansika

Music: Vijay Ebenezer

Label: Sony Music

Story: I. Rajasekaran

Editing: T. S. Suresh

Cinematography: Vetri

Screenplay: I. Rajasekaran

Direction: I. Rajasekaran


When you first read the star cast you assume this to be a youthful fun entertaining film. Helmed by debutant, who assisted M.Rajesh(famous for is comedy genre films) leaves no doubt that this film will be  a clean Entertainer. Composing music, is one of the assistants of Harris Jeyaraj and already has a couple of films under his name. The songs are expected to be fun, youthful and enjoyable. Read more!

Track Name



Friende Podhum Ranjith & Steve Vatz


Oru Kannadiya Karthik


Neethane Endru Krish & Suchithra


Nothing Want Steve Vatz


Bhoomi Nalla Rahul Nambiar & Malavika


Yaaru Kitta Krish & MLR Karthikeyan


Album Analysis:

1. Friende Podhum

Singers: Ranjith & Steve Vatz

A funny, scrappy, friendship song strictly for youth. Lyrics are simple and don’t make any big meaning. It is just meant to be enjoyed and sung along. Beats are peppy and foot tapping. Music is very ordinary, nothing new. It can otherwise be called as yet another Harris song with few tweaks in the tunes. The saxophone in midsection feels unnecessary.

Just another song on friends.

2. Oru Kannadiya

Singers: Karthik

Starts on soup song note this song is yet another ‘Karthik’ song. Karthik who has sung many songs in such genre adds another such song to his profile. The music is kind of old fashioned, slow and traditional. Harmonica work is simple and doesn’t impress much. Karthik has carried this song solely on his shoulder as the lyrics too don’t have anything great to say. Mid-section music reminds us of another Harris song, “Venaam Machan”, in fact initial portions are so much similar to the former song.

Yet another soup song by karthik.

3. Neethane Endru   

Singers: Krish & Suchithra

Once again impersonated from a Harris song, this is a very peppy, fun number with fast beats. What works in its favor is the keyboard work and saxophone tune between stanzas. Both are very catchy and keeps you attracted to the song. The chorus reminds us of Harris music but the instrumental works are different. Both the lead singers have again carried the song with their voice. Definitely Suchithra must sing more melodies; her voice is so beautiful. Lyrics are enjoyable, romantic. Look out for the flute in the end.

A Peppy number.

4. Nothing Want

Singers: Steve Vatz

Yet another friendship song but much better than the previous number. Steve Vatz’s voice is funny and entertaining. He has captured and delivered the voice of youth brilliantly. Music is simple kuthu based; the electronic guitar is a good addition. Lyrics are simple and scrappy again, it’s Steve who has sung it in more entertaining and enjoyable fashion. The beats are very fast, which makes us image that the visual would be youthful. Definitely with radio stations playing it on repeat this will be welcomed by youth.

Kuthu song about friendship.

5. Bhoomi Nalla

Singers: Rahul Nambiar & Malavika

Starting with a female voice, Bhoomi Nalla is a traditional folk song. For once you feel the music is totally fresh from Vijay. Beats are catchy and the arrangements are good. Nadaswaram in the midsection is soothing and melodic. Mostly dominated by female voice of Malavika, Rahul Nambiar has supported pretty well. Going by the visual and few repeated plays in radio stations, this should be a hit number.

Village flick with some peppy tunes.

6. Yaaru Kitta

Singers: Krish & MLR Karthikeyan

Highly expected song of the album, with Music Director Karthikeyan crooning along with Krish. Krish has crooned this kuthu number with comfort but there is still a shy of melody flavor in his voice. It is Karthikeyan who steels the stage with some heavy punch in his voice. Lyrics are very funny, has the friendly anger between two friends who split with a fight. Easily the best of the album and definitely by the time you finish reading this review you might play it on loop.

Pick of the album.

To sum it up: Vijay, who has given a couple of hits was expected to deliver here, but with his music sounding more similar to Haris, it turns to be a bit of disappointment for the audience. It is all with the visuals to make these songs to be played on repeat. Try imagining the visual when u play these song, it is definitely funny.

Picks Of The Album: Yaaru Kitta, Nothing Watz, Neethane Endru.

Album Verdict: Grounds safe but looks dull.

Musicperk Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆