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Artist: No Carrier

Genre: Electro Noire, Electro-pop, Synth-pop, Darkwave


Track Name Rating
Alone Now ★★★½☆
Confession ★★★☆☆
Life ★★★★☆
Sunset Castle ★★★★½
Last Scene ★★★★☆
Let Me Walk Alone ★★★☆☆
The Nine Days Queen ★★★★½
Losing Sight of The Coast ★★★☆☆
Thoughts/Shoot The Sky ★★½☆☆
Autumn Morning ★★★★☆
Owes You Nothing ★★★½☆
Wisdom & Failure ★★★★½

1. Alone Now

The track has a very slow paced instrumental with almost of dark edginess that make the track very distinct. The vocals bring out the soul of the song, almost reflecting the track’s ability to creep into your head stealthily.

2. Confession

The instrumental does have unique vibe to it but the vocals somehow manage to snub it and make the song not so delightful. Barring the delivery of the vocals, the song can actually be enjoyed.

3. Life

Contrary to the previous tracks this one is actually powered by the sheer energy and the spark in the vocals. The track is so enjoyable that it manages to stick in your head for a little more than a while.

4. Sunset Castle

The elegant chords, the perfectly matched keys power the vocals in fashionable manner that bring out the delicateness of the artist’s voice. The song is perfect and flows like a dream, makes the best track of the album.

5. Last Scene

The prelude to it, in my opinion, was rightfully needed to make the track mysterious. The track’s got a new vibe to it which plays out well, making it every bit charming.

6. Let Me Walk Alone

The title of the track might deceive you into believing that the genre of the track is something completely different from what it is. You almost begin to get disappoint but the artist manages to surprise you every time that happens. This track may not be extraordinary but it does not disappoint you either.

7. The Nine Days Queen

Entirely powered by vocals and taking it to an entirely different level, the artist manages to deliver a masterpiece. With every potential to go wrong, the track manages perfectly well, only to emerge brilliantly well.

8. Losing Sight of the Coast

The male vocals somehow do not impress you and at this point the female vocals subside. However, when they resurface, it makes the track magnanimous and powerful and can be enjoyed thoroughly.

9. Thoughts/Shoot The Sky

There comes a point in the album when monotony starts to creep. This track is probably that point, and utterly fails to capture the listener’s interest.

10. Autumn Morning

The monotony does resurface in this track, but is covered by the other elements that save the song. The instruments are strong and forceful that manages to fuel the track to a great finish.

11. Owes You Nothing

The male vocals do justice contributing equally

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to the female vocals. The blend of both makes the track worth listening to. The highlight of this track remains the distant humming the female artist that is interjected throughout.

  1. 12. Wisdom & Failure

One might be deceived by the beginning of the track and mistake it to be just ordinary, but the track has beauty which surfaces as the track progresses. This is probably the best way one could end this album and the track is perfect.

Picks from the album: Sunset Castle, Nine Days Queen, Wisdom & Failure

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆