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Music Band: Dead Modern Villians

Music Album: Wisconsin Blues

Record Label: Self-released

Song Singers/Perfomers Rating
Wisconsin Blues Dead Modern Villians ★★★½☆
Hindsight is 20/20 Dead Modern Villians ★★★★☆
Baby Doll Dead Modern Villians ★★★½☆
Face Dead Modern Villians ★★★½☆
Last Night Dead Modern Villians ★★½☆☆
Silence Dead Modern Villians ★★★½☆
How Am I Dead Modern Villians ★★★☆☆
Something To Do Dead Modern Villians ★★★½☆
Friends By My Side Dead Modern Villians ★★☆☆☆
Southern Voodoo Tomahawk Attack Dead Modern Villians ★★★☆☆
The Contract Dead Modern Villians ★★★½☆
Who Could Tell ★★★½☆
Worth the Fight ★½☆☆☆
Bottle of Pills Dead Modern Villians ★★★☆☆

 1. Wisconsin Blues

Immediately Dead Modern Villians sounds like “Load” era Metallica. Whether you love or hate that album may determine how much you enjoy DMV. The vocal accent could be seen as overdone and will definitely be annoying to some, but this should appeal to fans of mainstream rock. The groove is solid but predictable. There’s definite potential here and you can tell the band is earnest.

 2. Hindsight is 20/20

The “Load” influence continues. This track builds up more momentum with its fast-paced frenetic energy, attitude and strong groove.

 3. Baby Doll

This is a solid rock n’ roll track with a catchy chorus.

 4. Face

A funk rocker with attitude to spare.

 5. Last Night

This is a pub rock song through and through. Whether you enjoy listening to the house band while sipping on your pint or not will determine how much you enjoy it.

 6. Silence

Definite improvement here and more subtlety to the songwriting. There’s some Red Hot Chili Peppers influence and the vocals head a different direction, showing range and emotion.

 7. How Am I

“How Am I” could have been on Metallica’s “Load” once again. There are some solid rock elements, and Keith Bouche shows more grittiness on the chorus than on most other tracks.

 8. Summertime Song

Tales of women on the beach. The guitars, bass and drums lock in here so it makes for a more enjoyable track.

 9. Something to Do

“Something to Do” is suitable for Motley Crue fans, and it seems like the band is trying to emulate the cheesy approach taken by 80’s hard rock here. They do a good job, but aren’t quite at the level to make the sleaze convincing.

 10. Friends by my Side

DMV try to find a groove here, but have issues nailing it down. Very wordy vocals and no discernible punchiness.

 11. Southern Voodoo Tomahawk Attack

It’s over the top, but for the most part it succeeds, because the band is focusing on their timing and the vocals are going all the way.

 12. The Contract

A decent track that helps the album gain momentum as it heads into overtime territory.

 13. Who Could Tell

Sassy and full of attitude, there’s more to like here, and the grooves keep getting better. This should have been track #2.

 14. Worth the Fight

The mozzarella is absolutely poured on here. I have to call them on that. It’s quite simply awkwardly bad.

 15. Bottle of Pills

Great guitar work here – very impressive. The guys go out the right way with a solid rock groove.

 Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Dead Modern Villians have a promising CD on their hands with “Wisconsin Blues”. There are multiple directions the band could head in from here, as they show influence from both rock n’ roll and 80’s sleaze rock. The problematic aspects of the CD include production (demo-esque), songwriting (limited range), and an over-the-top cheesy-ness. The cheesy-ness could have worked if the production was world class, but for the moment, it seems like a strange choice for a fledgling band. Overall, though, “Wisconsin Blues” is a good disc that should bring Dead Modern Villians many more listeners and set themselves up nicely to explore on their next outing.

Check out Dead Modern Villians’s websites at:  www.deadmodernvillains.com and www.facebook.com/deadmodernvillians.