One rapper who has made the audience groove to his music every time, it’s Flo Rida! Tramar Dillard, better known as Flo Rida in the music industry released his fourth studio album ‘Wild ones’ on July 3rd 2012. Having been nominated for numerous awards and also winning a few of them, the American rapper never fails to impress the audience with his sassy and dandy music. ‘Low’, ‘Right round’, ‘Elevator’ etc are some of his songs from previous albums which are still played in the clubs all around the world as people never get bored dancing on his tunes.

‘Good feeling’ and ‘Wild ones’ are two tracks from his latest album which was released last year and received a good response from audience and the critics. Let’s have a look at how the 9 songs in this album fare –

Song name Rating
Whistle ★★★½☆
Wild ones feat Sia ★★★★☆
Let it roll ★★★☆☆
Good feeling ★★★★☆
In my mind, part 2 ft Georgi Kay ★★★☆☆
Sweet spot ft Jennifer Lopez ★★★½☆
Thinking of you ★★★☆☆
I cry ★★★☆☆
Run ft Redfoo ★★★½☆


1. Whistle -:

It’s a very beautiful song in terms of the lyrics and Flo Rida does complete justice to it. It’s slow with some good beats here and there to lift up the aura which the song creates while you listen to it.

2. Wild ones -:

 This song is going to roll on the charts only because of  Sia, who features in this track! Not that flo Rida does a bad job in this track, it’s just that listening to Sia’s voice is just so refreshing that you would forget everything else. A dance track but very different from his usual club songs, you will love this one.

3. Let it roll -:

 This is just a passing song, you might even find it boring as being a Flo Rida song it’s too plain. Even though the music is gay and nifty it doesn’t really strike a chord. A one time listen this one is.

4. Good feeling -:

The track released on August 29th 2011 as the first single from this album and there were waves of excitement among the audience, there were two reasons for this. One being it’s the first single from Flo Rida fourth album and it sounds amazing. Secondly, Flo Rida kidnapped this song from Etta James song ‘Somethings got a hold on me’ and ‘Levels’ by Avicii. It sounds quite retro, like those old classic dance tracks and is one of the best tracks in the album after Wild ones.

5. In my mind -:

As the song starts off, the vocals sound very creepy but very soon the music catches up and you can hear Flo Rida rapping. Even with the up beats in this track which should be enough to get one’s feet tapping, this track fails to do so hence a disappointment.

6. Sweet spot -:

 If you’re in a mood to listen to some fancy song, this is the one you should listen to. The lyrics are naughty and downright dirty and the music is good enough to pump you up. However Jennifer Lopez vocals sound very annoying, apart from this the song is a good listen and it will remind you of the song Butterfly by Crazytown.

7. Thinking of you -:

 Somehow Flo Rida and gloomy songs just don’t go together. He’s best at singing up beat tracks but this song is just too morbid. You would probably skip this one.

8. I cry -:

 Another one time listen, as this one too does not impress you much. Fast beats but they all just sound so similar to his previous songs hence there is nothing new for the audience to look out for. This one, is a fast paced one yet very dreamy like. It’s not a track you would go for when you want to dance.

9. Run -:

 Finally a track which you would like to listen to after listening to some of the bromidic songs above . The music in the beginning sounds quite similar to the kind of music the band Akcent is known for.

Not a great way to end an album but never the less this one will be worth your time.

Verdict – This album doesn’t really go down well. There are some brilliant tracks in the album but those are just handful of them the rest of the tracks are something which you will listen to and then forget about it. The rapping is at it’s best as always but the music is monotonous, it lacks that spunk which is found in his tracks from previous albums. Flo Rida has changed the genre of urban dance and disco tracks from what it was before which the people all over the world loved, this album however comes out as a disappointment.

Overall ★★★★★★½☆☆☆