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Song: Who we are

Artist: Imagine Dragons


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Label: Interscope Records


This new song, from the people who created the explosive hit “Radioactive“, is a snug fit for the movie, and has no trouble blaring its intent to the world and all its Districts. It’s a good song for the movie, and it’s a good enough song by itself. The first few seconds will suffice to attract the attention it seeks, but is it capable of retaining it?

If I were listening to this song, on the radio, with no idea that it was off the soundtrack of Catching Fire, the first few notes, followed by that semi-aggressive beat would definitely have me turning the volume up in curiosity. The dream inducing combination of percussion, base and smooth vocals make this song instantly catch not only your attention but also your imagination. Day dreamers- beware!

That said, it also treads a fine line – you either love it so much you sing along each time it’s played, or you hit skip when the song plays again after you’ve listened to it a couple of times. While it isn’t a ten-star song, this reviewer still recommends that you listen to it, and see if it’s to your taste!

Verdict: Could soar with the dragons, or fail to take off.

Rating ★★★★★★★☆☆☆