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For most of us, being a young adult is all about self-discovery. We aim to discover what it is that makes us tick. We’re always on the lookout for that one activity, which will never cease to give us a soaring adrenaline rush. With every generation, is associated a distinct ‘culture’.  The collective persona of an era manifests itself in their music, their films and their art. From the free-spirited psychedelic era of the 60’s to the diverse and unquantifiable culture that is associated with today’s millenials, we have seen various turbulent phases of humanity. The only reliable thing about history is the promise of change; and this is what is celebrated at this year’s Waves. Themed, ‘Hit the Rewind’, Waves 2013 takes on a journey back in time, celebrating the icons of the past and present and setting the stage for the icons of the future


Ever since its humble inception in 2007, Waves has powered its way to the forefront of the cultural of festivals in India, through a combination of sheer enthusiasm and undying ambition. Then confined mostly to Goa, Waves is now a national level festival, playing host to students from hundreds of colleges from all over the nation. Set in the scenic BITS Pilani Goa Campus, Waves never fails to deliver on entertainment quotient, having been host to artists of great stature in the past, with a number of incredible special nights planned this time as well.


The special nights at Waves are of an extremely high standard, consisting of performances from the most eminent musicians in India as well as abroad. Waves 2013 has already confirmed performances by Bollywood music maestros Vishal and Shekhar, as well as performances by ‘Blackstratblues’, the band fronted by prodigal guitarist Warren Mendonsa and vocalist Nikhil D’Souza. In addition to these performances, there will also be an electronic dance music (EDM) night which will have performances by a number of eminent DJs. Waves, on the musical front, aims to cater to a wide variety of tastes. Waves is also keen on promoting upcoming talent through ‘Searock’, arguably India’s largest semi-professional rock band competition. Searock has jump-started the careers of many independent rock acts in India.

The other main attractions at Waves are the music, art and dance competitions, which witness high quality participation year after year. The major crowd pullers amongst these are the ‘Big 3’ events, i.e Natyanjali, the dance competition, Mr and Ms Waves, a search for the contestant with best personality and FashP, a supreme display of style. The big 3 events are judged by some of the greats of the film, fashion and music industries. In addition to these events, there is also a wide variety of music, fine arts, literary, quizzing, dramatics, dance and debating events with plenty of exciting goodies and cash prizes to be won.

All of these events, with the overriding theme, ‘Hit the Rewind’, promises a quirky, high energy cultural festival. This November, all roads lead to Goa.