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Artist: Kesha

Label: Kemosabe, RCA

Genre: Dance-pop, electronic rock, electropop, techno

Lyrics: Kesha


Kesha is back with her second album after ‘Animal’ in 2010. Warrior, as Kesha claims, is primarily influenced by her experiences on her tours, which mainly focus on self-improvement, love and sex. The album, apparently, is an attempt to revive the ‘rock-n-roll’ genre. The album also features many guest vocals such as the rapper Will.I.Am and et al. Does this album live upto the expectations built-up by the first one? Let’s find out.

Track Name Rating
Warrior ★★☆☆☆
Die Young ★★½☆☆
C’Mon ★½☆☆☆
Thinking of You ★★☆☆☆
Crazy Kids ★★½☆☆
Wherever You Are ★★★½☆
Dirty Love ★★½☆☆
Wonderland ★★★★☆
Only Wanna Dance with You ★★★½☆
Supernatural ★★½☆☆
All That Matters (The Beautiful Life) ★★☆☆☆
Love Into the Light ★★★☆☆

Soundtrack Analysis :


The title track of any album is expected to be a little extraordinary and unique. But you don’t really  see anything like it in this song; it’s no different than any of the songs in her previous album. The beats though peppy and alive, don’t really stand out.The lyrics, though they do make sense on a metaphorical level, could have been better.On the whole, it is a slight disappointment.

2.Die Young

The song starts off on a very promising note and you begin to enjoy it, right when it turns into one her previous songs yet again. But she manages to balance it by trying not to revert to back to her old charm. The lyrics are pretty mediocre and enjoyable. Better than the title track.


Again, the song has nothing new to offer apart from the variance in the lyrics and beats. The electrical guitar does its best to make the song enjoyable and it fails miserably. If you’re a huge fan of hard rock, you might appreciate the attempt.

4.Thinking of You

The track sure is different from the typical ‘Kesha-esque’ style. It has a set of eclectic beats and her voice is what gets your attention in this one as you begin to enjoy it. The lyrics do justice to track’s versatility.

5.Crazy Kids

The mellow whistling in the beginning is just amazing and the chorus complements it. The rap is a major let down. Kesha does her monotonous rap and the song loses its charm. Apart from the rap, the song’s pretty good.

6.Wherever You Are

The song has an uncanny freshness to it as the song speaks of remembrance of that perfect summer love. The lyrics are amazing and Kesha’s voice like always enhances the beauty of the meaning. The song stays with you for quite a while.

7.Dirty Love

Funky and peppy, this album is beginning to keep up its promise to revive ‘rock-n-roll’ with this track. The song in a way, reminds you of MJ. A good one.


The track is a little too laid-back and easy for Kesha.They sure do take you back to the wonderland when you were a kid.

9.Only Wanna Dance with You

The beats of the track, though aren’t any different from the previous ones, the song is pretty different in its own way. The lyrics are light and swing by through the song. The huskiness in Kesha’s voice is prominent here and with the perkiness almost absent you begin to enjoy the track.


There’s a very uncomfortable change in the genre from the chorus to every verse that follows. Now, that can be a tad disturbing and comes in your way if you’re trying to enjoy some good music. A crude composition, the track fails to make an impression.

11.All that matters

The only thing unique about this track is the chorus. The album could have definitely done without this one, wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

12.Love into the Light

The alternative genre of this song makes it worth listening to, but we do notice the fact that Kesha is diverting from her mainstream genre and it’s a good sign. The track though not very unique is not so bad either.

Kesha could have done a better job than this owing to the versatility of her first album. Kesha proves to be a disappointment as the tracks get monotonous and numbing. The slower tracks are refreshing and save the album from being an epic fail.

Picks from the album: Die Young, Wonderland, Only wanna dance with you

Album verdict: If you’re a Kesha fan, you’ll like it any way. Otherwise, delve in at your own risk.

Album ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆