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Movie Name:- Wanted

Music Director : Chakri

Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Arakilo pogaru Ranjith ★★★½☆
Yevo pichi  veshalu Javed Ali ★★★★½
Dil mera Dhak Dhak Udit Narayan/smitha ★★★☆☆
Cheppana  Cheppana Chakri, kousalya ★★★½☆
A for Angel Krishna chaitanya/MM.Srilekha ★★★☆☆

1. Arakilo pogaru :

Singer-: Rangith

This song is about the characterization of the hero. Bhaskarbhatla used  the choicest words in penning the lyrics. Usually these kind of songs  used to be watched in Jr.NTR films. Chakri tuned the song in mass beat and audience will tap their feet to the tune. Ranjith who is good at singing hero introduction songs has done good job this time too. An interesting number in the album.

2.Yevo pichi  veshalu :

Singer -: Javed Ali

It appears to be a dream song about the heroine by the hero. It also appears that the lyricist penned the love track in the song. There is a female voice hums in between  indicating a chance of watching  heroine in between. The literary values are worthy and it was tuned with a complete melody . This song will give a chance to the listeners go into dreams identifying themselves in the hero’s role. Definitely an interesting number in the album

3. Dil mera Dhak Dhak

Singer -: Udit Narayan, Smita

This is a duet between hero and heroine and it’s a fast number  too. Udit and smitha filled life to bhaskarbhatla’s lyric and song was tuned in a complete western style.Lyrics are clearly audible over the instruments which gave boost to the song. Yet another foot tapping number in the album.

4. Cheppana  Cheppana

Singers : Chakri,kousalya

This is yet another romantic duet between the lead pair. The entire song was tuned using violin ,drums and guitar. The music director Chakri himself rendered the song in association with Kausalya. This is melody number and a slow song but could be enjoyable as it gives a soothing feeling to the listeners.

5. En Vennilave

Singer : Krishna Chaitanya, MM. Srilekha

Bhaskarabhatla ,who is known for penning the lyrics using English and Hindi words that perfectly fit in a Telugu song to give a fillip to a fast beat tune penned this duet. Chakri gave a fast beat tune to the lyricist. The lyricist tried to imbibe some romantic angle in the song and made it worth listening and foot-tapping.

Album Rating – ★★★½☆

“Wanted” released with high expectations after Shankam  by Gopichand. The foot- tapping music by the Chakri would definitely boost the expectations further as almost all the songs had good tunes and enjoyable. All the songs were penned by Bhaskarabhatla. Director BVS Ravi should be complimented for extracting such excellent music from the music director Chakri.

Album Review by Siddhartha , MusicPerk Team.