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Music Album : Vinmeengal

Music Director: Jubin

Lyrics: Na.Muthukumar

Starring: Rahul Ravindran, Vishwa, Shikha, Anuja Iyer

Direction: Vignesh Menon

Music Released on FEB 16th 2012.

Jubin is debuting with this movie. Let us see what he has got to offer the music lovers all over.

Song Name






Ariya Paruvathil

Bombay Jayashree,Rahul Nambiar


Vazhi Maari



Un Paarvai



Boomi Yengum

Belli Raj


Nee Kaatil

Shankar Mahadevan


 1. Kadhalum

A calm start giving an indication of a melodious number and it turns out to be just that. Ajeesh’s voice accompanied by the minimal of instruments namely the violin and the piano strike a chord with your emotions and feelings. A beautiful song to just relax and unwind. Karthika’s voice although introduced later in the song steals the show and suits the mood of the song more than Ajeesh’s. Jubin knows when o use the right instrument without letting the listener get bored which is a tough task in a slow song like this. Listen to this for the extensive violin work that would surely churn you.

2. Ariya Paruvathil

This one too seems like another slow song. Bombay Jayashree’s voice seems strangely out of place in some parts of the song. She is not able to let her voice flow with the song’s tune. She is, however, able to bring in the melody factor into the song. The electronics and effects used in the background are interesting and gel well with this slow song. Chitra would have been a better a choice for this song. The tune gets repetitive and this lack variety would bore the listener to no end. Rahul Nambiar’s voice is a refreshing change and comes in at the right time to save the song. The guitar has been used at the right time and seems sweet.

3. Vazhi Maari

The song starts off with a refreshingly smooth note with the piano. Ajeesh’s voice and the guitar do not seem to gel well and cause some friction. The melody in the song is refreshing and the guitar work is expertise at display. The piano comes in at the right time and adds to your relaxation. It is a pity that such a nice song should end in under a couple of minutes.

4. Un Paarvai

A melodious start with a piano and a flute. The guitar joins in to create harmony. Harini’s voice is the best choice for this song and she makes the number enjoyable to the hilt. Hariharan’s voice adds value to Harini’s and complements her voice beautifully. Again the right use of instruments at the right places. The use of typical Indian instruments like Veena and flute render a classical touch to it. The variation of the pace of the voices breaks the monotony and brings in change. If you love classical songs then you will love this song for its similarity with classical type of music. Towards the middle the tune does get repetitive but only for a short while as the variation in the pace of singing takes care that the listener is glued to the song. It is a really big risk to make an unusually long 6-minute song interesting but Jubin succeeds, at least partially, in making it enjoyable. The only drawback here seems to be the lack of variety in the tune that keeps repeating but with such stalwarts singing it, you hardly notice it.

5. Boomi Yengum

A guitarish start and you expect a fun song but this one turns out to be a melodious number accompanied in most parts by the guitar. The background vocals together with the piano transcend you to a different magical world and energises you filling you with vigour to go out and perform. Alas! The song ends too quickly for your liking and you curse jubin for it.  The short duration seems to be the only drawback in an otherwise flawlessly melodious number.

6. Nee Kaatil

The heavy drum work at the start set the serious tone for the song. The unmistakeable voice of Shankar Mahadevan booms on and you lose yourself in the lyrics that are both encouraging and energising.  The serious tone is broken by the melodious background score in the middle and the background vocals of supposedly children. The song has the necessary variations to keep you engaged without the glimmer of boredom. Shankar displays expertise in varying his pace and more importantly the mood of the song from frolic to serious to frolic again. Not many can do it with such ease except maybe SPB. Just when you thought there is even more to this song, it appears to end abruptly. The highlight of the song is of course its words. Shankar has only added the energy to those words. The song varies pace and slows down and runs fast before again slowing down and so on.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Verdict: A must if you are a lover of melody and slow songs. You will be disappointed if you are looking for racy fun here.

After listening to this album, you will never believe that the creator of such music is only a first-time music director. This is a very different album from the other run of the mill movie albums that we see these days. It does seem a bit outdated. Except the last song sung by Shankar Mahadevan all the songs are in the slow melody genre. The perfect album to unwind and relax. Jubin seems to be an expert in using the right instruments at the right places in order to make a song sound beautiful. He has extensively made use of classical Indian instruments like the veena, flute, violins, and also guitar,piano. The songs sometimes bring out the hidden emotions in you and I must say you better watch it. Although a couple of songs have been of a very short duration, they seem equally enjoyable as the lengthy ones. Jubin has taken the risk of making lengthy duration slow songs where it is tough to engage the audience and keep them in grasp throughout but succeeded without doubt. The only thing that is missing here is a racy fast paced number that you could shake your leg to. The selection of singers has also been neat except for Bombay Jayashree and Ajeesh for the second and the third numbers respectively. A neat album with a lot of scope for improvements from Jubin who definitely needs to be given many more oppurtunities to prove his mettle.