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 Produced by: Thirukumaran entertainment

Story,direction and screenplay: Deepan Chakravarthy

Starring: Ashok Selvan , Sanchita Shetty , Nasser

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Cinematography: Deepak kumar padhy

Editing: Leo john paul

Sound design: Vishnu and Shankar

Lyrics: Arun Raja , Ganesh Kumar

Pizza 2 - Villa

Villa  is a franchise to the blockbuster-hit “Pizza”(Not a sequel) directed by Deepan chakravarthy starring Ashok Selvan ,Sanchita Shetty, Nasser to name a few. The Music is composed by Santhosh Narayanan and performed by Studio Orchestra of Sydney. It is also south india’s first film to have a native Dolby mix and music specific for that format.There is a snippet that SJ Suryah was added to the cast , but was removed later.

Song Rating
Boomiyil ★★★★½
Disco Woman ★★★½☆
Villa (Theme Music) ★★★★☆
Pa Pa ★★★½☆
Kaanum Gyaanam ★★★★☆
Varaipadam ★★★★☆


Singer : Pradeep Vijay

Lyrics : Arun Raja

Have you had any travel to heaven of ecstasy? This track will probably make you feel it with the accompanying guitar progressions, piano rolls and mildly muted acapella portions . Pradeep Vijay turns out his romantic touch so much deep that his voice reflects like a gong. The lyrics are simple straight to the audience and explains the joy when a guy is with is love.

Disco woman

Singer : Dee

Lyrics : Ganesh Kumar

This song has feeble touches of electronic, techno-pop sounds, heavy scratches, synths and guitar rubs that coalesce with the violin strikes and gushy feel vocals. Santhosh Narayanan had tried this similar retro-mix  in his earlier outing “Rathiriyil” from Pizza. Nevertheless, this track comes out best and breaks the dance floor.

Villa (Theme music)

Peformed by : Studio Orchestra of Sydney

This track seems to be an instant replica of something you have heard often. Yes! Dexter, Sherlock and what not!! But the instrumental is done with finesse starting with a Beethoven piece and then an uprising and fast-rugged strings, cello performing in tick-tock motion. Though influences are so many, it sounds pretty good.

Pa pa

Singer : Gaana Bala

Lyrics : Ganesh Kumar

He has recently turned the tables with his songs, this time totally different. Gaana Bala  joins the syncopated rhythm in the midst of  some metallic growls and English raps. With so much, the style seems to over-ride the lyrical part. Its a good track, but needs to cover a little more distance.

Kaanum gyanam

Singer : Kalyani Nair

Lyrics : Ganesh Kumar

A Gothic opera feel immerses you into a world of silent dark with the mellow violins and clock strokes continuously played in the background. The track finishes in a blast mode with massive brass section coming in between. The orchestration is magnificent and it will make you take note of music layers. Kalyani Nair impresses with her enchanting voice.


Peformed by : Studio Orchestra of Sydney

A gentle melody commences, instantly rises up in the air and puts you on the ground. That is the feeling you would get when you hear the Sydney symphony group’s performance. This is one such incredibly created instrumental.

Picks of the album – Boomiyil,Varaipadam,Disco woman,Kaanum gyanam

Bottomline – Being a franchise to one-of-a -kind film (Pizza), the work seems to be more promising  and the way the sound scripts were done in this album, is pretty much available for the audience to see through  the tracks. The entire team of ‘Villa’ needs to be applauded for following the needs of a thriller film. Santhosh Narayanan has used the orchestral groups with panache and in a very effective manner.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Review by Nishok Kumar