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Music Album : Vicky Donor

Music Directors: Abhishek-Akshay, Donn-Bann, Rochak Kohli and Ayushmann

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire, Vijay Maurya, Juhi Chaturvedi , Annu Kapoor, Kusum Verma and Ayushmann Khurrana

Song Name




Aditi Singh,Akshay Verma


Mar Jayian

Sunidhi Chauhan,Vishal Dadlani


Paani Da Rang(female)

Sukanya Purkayastha



Mika Singh


Mar Jayian-Sad



Paani da Rang(Male)

Ayushmann Khurrana


Rum Whisky

Akshay Verma


Kho Jaane De

Clinton Cerejo,Aditi Singh Sharma


 1. Rokda:

Lyrics: Akshay Verma

The guitar work at the start gives every indication of a fun song. Rokda i am told means “cash”. This is has ample instruments in it to keep you grooving. Aditi joins in in-between to add fullness to the song. This one is a peppy number that would make you mouth the lyrics as well as shake a leg to it. The guitar work in the background throughout the song adds the shades of fun. Interestingly, these sorts of guitar notes are not found so often in these kinds of songs but the guitar doesn’t at all sound odd to the ears. It syncs well with the background score and stands out as well. Aditi’s voice comes along as cool breeze. Akshay….well no words for his rendition. He induces the right mood with this song and takes you to a fun land of celebrations and frolic.

2. Mar Jayian(Sad):

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

This one is for those Devdas fellows out there. The mood is one of sorrow and sadness. The guitar is the only instrument playing in the background. Bann carries the song well and induces you into the sad mood more. The song is otherwise boring to listen to unless you are a lover of slow songs. One expects more variations in the voice and the tune. Although the song is pretty bearable in the beginning it gets repetitively boring towards the end. Bann’s voice has a flavour of rock in it and would have suited a rock song perfectly.

3. Paani Da Rang(female):

Lyrics: Ayushmann

This comes across as a slow melodious song. The guitar work at the start soothes you and makes you forget all your worries. Sukanya displays amazing classical singing skills at the beginning. The gradually picks up pace after a minute or so and the percussion is steady. This song would be the one to unwind. Sukanya shows nice variation in the pace of her voice. The guitar work is similar to the ones in rock songs. The percussion and the guitar are the only two instruments that stand out and provide the pace to the song. The song is like a ride on an empty road with occasionally occurring speed breakers. The song slows down and then again picks up pace and the cycle repeats. Listen to this one for the sheer solace in Sukanya’s voice.

4. Chaddha:

This one would make you sit up and listen to it no matter what you are doing. Mika’s voice is interesting and different to listen to. The lyrics are the high point of this song. The lyrics points to the character of Dr. Chaddha played by Annu Kapoor, who is chasing sperm donor Ayushmann. There is ample amount of mixing and electronics that make this an interesting number. The mood is one of humour. I am sure, this one would interesting manifold when seen on screen. “Nobody can stop with just once”-seems to be the apt tagline for this song. Mika ensures that. This has shades of wit and laughter in it. Mika does a good job in inducing us into the mood of laughter. But one would have expected a little more catchy tunes and more variation in the tune. If not for the captivating lyrics, the song would have lost steam with its repetitive tunes.

5. Mar Jayian:

Lyrics: Swanand Kirkire

The soothing start makes you enjoy the melody in it. The blend of guitar and tabla does wonders and creates magic. Vishal dadlani and Sunidhi chauhan make a wonderful duet pair and probably one that has never been tried before. Vishal’s voice has rawness to it and Sunidhi pleases and cajoles the listener with her voice. Vishal whose voice would have suited a rock number more has still done a good job with such a number. The song is engaging with its varied instrumentals and melodious tunes. There are umpteen varieties in the tune and it would keep you waiting abated for what’s next.  At no point of the song would feel bored of it unless you are charged up so much that you hate slow songs. The song is slow paced. Sunidhi, who usually sings fast paced dance numbers makes other musicians wonder why they hadn’t given a slow, melody number like this to her. She proves that she cannot get stereotyped to one particular genre of songs. The Sufi shades of the song show up towards the middle of the song. It sounds more like a qawwali and doesn’t at all sound odd in this song since it has been brought in at the right time of the song. The short sufi track sung by both the singers is pleasing to hear. A Sufi track sung by a duet pair is something different which we do not get to hear so very often. This one would make you put the song on repeat and fill the air with as much romance as possible with its lovely lyrics.

6. Paani da Rang(Male)

Lyrics: Ayushmann

The female background voice at the start relaxes you and the guitar work forms an integral part of the song. Ayushmann does a good job with a field [singing] where he is a relative amateur. He comes across as a experienced singer and a accomplished one. The female background vocal blend well with the male lead voice and renders the male voice interesting. The pace is not monotonic and switches between slow and fast pace. This one would make you tap your fingers and groove to the song and although the lyrics is repetitive in the end it interestingly doesn’t bore you and provides for a perfect gradual ending of the song. All credit goes to Ayushmann for rendering such a heart warming voice to the track. The lyrics have words of Punjabi in it.

7. Rum Whisky:

Lyrics: Kusum Verma

The Lyrics is catchy and of you know Punjabi there is no end to your enjoyment. This is a fusion of Djing and Punjabi Bhangra. The background score swings between Punjabi dhol and a dance number. No one would have thought that words like rum and whisky can be made so interesting in a song. Nice work by Kusum. The song comes to a standstill and then shoots off at a groovy pace. This would make you shake a leg for sure. No doubt John Abraham has done the same for this number on-screen. I would say he chose the right song. This number is sure to be played in discos all over and I am sure would emerge to be a popular dance number for years to come. I am shocked that Akshay could vary his voice so much compared to the song “Rokda” and sing such a number too. There seems to be no link in the voices between the two songs. The background vocals are splendid and infuse a mood of bhangra. The mixing only goes on to show artistic expertise and perfection.

8. Kho Jaane de:

Lyrics: Juhi Chaturvedi

The song so very gradually gathers up into a breezy wind that would rub in your face with its aromas of romantic smelling flowers. The mood is obviously romantic and the song peppy. The guitar work stands out and makes you take notice of it. It sounds similar to an ambulance siren but blends into the song without any hiccups. The siren could have been avoided after some point in the song. The female voice provides the necessary background support while Clinton goes all out to ensure that the song sounds as cool as his voice can make it. The song takes you on a journey of varies tunes and instrumentals. Clinton turns rock star with not so much success towards the middle of the song. Again at display is the art of making the duet pair sings together to create magic. The pace varies from slow to medium fast to slow again. Although the basic tune and lyrics seem repetitive the instrumentals and background score cover it up to ensure you come back to listening to this number again. The guitar has been used in numerous different ways and only a trained ear can make out the individual avatars of all the tunes that instrument has rendered. The perfect song for a long drive with your life partner or even your girl friend.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆

Verdict: You can’t pick just one favourite. You’ll surely end up picking multiple ones.

This being the debut of the duo Akshay-Abhishek, they have done a splendid job and beckon more film makers to give them a chance. They have tried some new things too like the singing of the lead pair together and the fusion of bhangra and disco, the fusion of qawwali and melody. They have made no mistakes in selecting the right tune for the right lyrics and also the right singer for that song. Making Sunidhi sing a slow melody number was a revelation to many. Vishal was yet another talent unearthed as far as singing is concerned. Bann was the only singer who could have done a better job with a rock song than a slow number. The duo was assisted by multiple talents including the hero of the movie who has tried his hand at singing and composing and lyrics too. Anshumann sure needs to entertain us more with his voice as well. Sukanya’s voice has been given the right song to suit it. Although a few songs lacked variety in tunes it was well covered up with good voiced and instrumentals. It was tough to believe that both versions of Mar jayian were just different versions and the lyrics remain the same. Rum whisky may bring accolades to Kusum  for such attractive peppy lyrics. Altogether an album you sure can’t miss out and ignore. There is one for everyone in this album and it invites you to come fall in love.