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Album: Vices and Virtues

Artist  : Panic! At The Disco

Genre : Pop Punk/Rock

The band released its first album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” which did too well for a band’s first album plumenting them to the top spot in the emo/rock genre. Later they released their sophomore album “Pretty.Odd.” around 2008 and their latest and third album under the name “Vices and Virtues” in may 2011. The lyrics for the first two album were written by Ryan Ross also the band’s lead guitarist who departed from the band before the release of the third album and thus its the sole work of Brendon Urie.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Song Rating
The Ballad Of Mona Lisa ★★★★½
Let’s Kill Tonight ★★★★☆
Hurricane ★★★☆☆
Memories ★★★½☆
Trade Mistakes ★★★☆☆
Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind) ★★★½☆
Always ★★★☆☆
The Calendar ★★★½☆
Sarah Smiles ★★★☆☆
Nearly Witches(Ever Since We Met) ★★★★☆

As i had mentioned the band released their first album “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out” which did exceptionally well selling more than 2 million copies thus giving them a shot of instant fame! So tacitly the fans expectations grew much more with the announcement of the release of their second album. However it seems that the band deviated much while experimenting with their second album and thus lost a lotta their fan base!  The fans and critics believed that the band was influenced too much by “The Beatles” but in a undesirable way they even went to the extent of calling it a rip off (they are telling the truth).

In 2009 lead guitarist and song writer Ryan Ross split from the band along with bassist Jon Walker to continue exploring the sounds that ran through their second album leaving behind Brendon Urie the band’s vocalist and drummer Spencer Smith. So for “Vices and Virtues” it was upto Urie to pen down the lyrics rather than just giving it the sound and i guess Ross did leave behind a few songs before the split as a gesture! A void is noticed as Ross’s lyrics are very deep in which he mostly writes about his troubled past and his disturbed youth. It felt like the exclamation mark was removed from the Panic! At The Disco.

A variety of instruments have been used in “Vices & Virtues” as compared to the Beatles’ inspired “Pretty.Odd.” They include an 8 bit video game synth , gothic sound effects marimbas, xylophones, accordion and digital atmospherics, they also include the chiming belss blaring horns and Casio beats! Its Urie’s first time with the lyrics he is done a very commendable job although few songs are very verbose and sound like a jouranl entry ,showing some maturity but still bitchin about a lotta things and band still embraces their dramatic and theatrical tendencies that made them famous and introduced a subtle amount of the goth element!

1.The Ballad Of Mona Lisa

Urie sang this opening track and their single from the album in such a manner giving it a different aspect in sound when comoared to the lyrics. By this i mean the lyrics for the song is jus a fairytale between a boy and a girl but Brendon sings to make it sound like its about the band’s split and other issues! The track opens with a slightly distorted and creeping piano hinting at the gothic element they have planned to intoduce in this album! Stands a class apart from the rest of the songs in terms of sounds vocals and the chorus!

2.Let’s Kill Tonight

One of the album’s obligating track with the drum machines the synths and the castle-raging chorus mixing altogether too well making it an amazing track in the album! Although the lyrics is all about cold hearts and deception and the songs just get darker and angrier which surprisingly works!  The song is a great listen for the new kinda music from the band!


Simialr to their first single this track is influenced with creepy under-tones, sparkling pianos and eccentric string arrangements! Funny enough this sounds more like the Pokemon intro music “Gotta catch em’ all”. I’m not kidding now that i have mentioned run the song in your mind while listening to this track and u’ll notice! Nevertheless a catchy track that makes you dance!


The pop-rock genre sounds are quite significant in this track with the xylophones dominating periodically. The tempo picks up quite well from the previous track and has an impressive opening to it! Both lyrically and musically uplifting it reflects the writer’s troubled past in the album sounds more the Ryan Ross kind!

5.Trade Mistakes

A complete Urie’s track with regard to the lyrics. The vocals is quite catchy and the chorus is well sung! The song has good potential but somehow went unnoticed reasons i cant find maybe it will grow into people listening eventually!

6.Ready To Go (Get Me Out Of My Mind)

the band’s second single a track which holds subtle mistakes made by the band , a good track but not well executed thus makin it not good enough! Nice song but not very impressive and wont stay in your hand very longer! Urie’s vocals are what keep the track running and you may wanna hear it more than once just


A slow creeky acoustic ballad in the album which seems to be well outta place! Some may welcome it but genuine Panic!’s fans may not like it! The lyrics are also quite sub-standard for the band’s rep! Although when heard separately as a single during a long drive the song may just serve the purpose of calming you down!

8.The Calander

The song focuses on the band’s split , the lyrics are very solid and there isn’t much of a drastic transition in tempo after the ballad which is quite good when listening continuously. The song lacks any special elements very generic and bland listen to it if you have nothing better to do!

9.Sarah Smiles

A Romance filler track what would have turned into sappy song was saved with the way its presented. Since Urie is writing the lyrics he took the liberty to write a song for his girlfriend which i guess he should have made her alone listen to it instead of releasing it in the album.

10.Nearly Witches(Ever Since We Met)

The song is clevery engineered with funky beats Elfam-esque strings with a display of horror movie style and including children chorus thus creating a ridiculous effect. The bells the whistle and the strings are well placed throughout the album finisher.

“Vices and Virtues” will definitely give the comback the band’s been hoping for but Panic! should work even more revive their emo roots experiment less with the sounds! People would love to hear their past glory  types like the “Fever” and “Nine In The Afternoon”. The album is a must listen for all the Panic! At The Disco fans irrespective of what the other reviews for this album quote, just skip the songs i adviced you to and you’ll be good with the album!