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Music Director : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Vettai is the latest movie of  Lingusamy starring Arya, Madhavan, Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul. The Yuvan-Lingusamy team had created magic with awesome music in their previous ventures(Sandakozhi and Paiya). So naturally, this album has got high expectations. Let us see how the songs fare.

Song Rating
Damma Damma ★★★½☆
Dham Dham Dham ★★★☆☆
Kattipidi ★★★☆☆
Pappappa Pappa ★★★☆☆
Thaiyath Thakka ★★★½☆

1. Damma Damma
Singers : Haricharan, Swetha Mohan

The album starts of with a simple song. The song signifies a marriage function and the happening around. We have come across various songs of this genre. The lead singers have done a good job.

2. Dham Dham Dham
Singers : Karthik, Krish

This song is possibly the intro song for the lead actors in the movie. It has a feel that 'Theradi Vidhiyil' from 'Run' had. That movie also had Maddy and was directed by Lingusamy. This song is equally good and has all the potential to rock once the visuals are out. The lead singers have again done a job. Overall, a decent composition.

Singers : Vijay Prakash, Shwetha Pandit

This one is a catchy song with a simple tune again though having its dose of instrumentals in it. This song has the potential to become a big hit on repeated listening. On a whole, another decent duet.

4. Pappappa Pappa
Singers : Yuvan Shankar Raja, Renu

This song was released with a special video footage on Youtube a few days back. This song is catchy and fast. You get to listen to a different Yuvan altogether. As far as I know, he hasn't sung these kind of fast songs. So it is altogether a newer experience. The song may sound even better once the visuals are out.

5. Thaiyath Thaka
Singer : Harini, Saindhavi 

This song has the lead heriones searching for their man! Again, these kind of songs are quite common and this one is no exception. However, this song has more of Yuvan's touch in it! On a whole, a good and a simple song.

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

Yuvan has come with a decent album. All the songs are good to hear and have been composed well. But somehow, they aren't as catchy and lively as 'Paiya' or 'Sandakozhi'. This is probably because of the high expectations built up around the album. However, keeping them out, this album is a really good to listen to!