Cast : Vishal,Trisha,JD Chakravathy,Sunaina,Manoj Bajpai,Sampath Raj,Jayaprakash

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Story : Thiru

Editing : Ruben

Cinematography : Richard M.Nathan

Screenplay : Thiru

Direction : Thiru

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Track Name Singers Rating
Chiguraku Veede Prudhvi Chandra,Sai Shivani ★★½☆☆
Andham Andham Karunya ★★★½☆
Silala Brathuke Hemachandra ★★★☆☆
Raja Nee Mungitlo Geetha Madhuri ★★½☆☆
Vennellona Aduthunna Deepu,Malavika ★★★★☆

Album Analysis :

Andham Andham

Singers : Karunya

Very impressive song ! “Andham Andham” is a peppy, romantic male solo song.The song gets even better as it progresses. Karunya has done a fantastic job with his rendition. The whistle interlude is really distinct though need not have been used twice. Overall, a radio friendly winner !

Chiguraku Veede

Singers : Prudhvi Chandra,Sai Shivani

This sounds like the character description song of the protagonist The lyrics are very usual, praising the hero as superman and so on. The beats dominate the vocals and there is nothing special in the instrumentation. The only bright spot in the song is the second interlude. Give this a miss!

Silala Brathuke

Singers : Hemachandra

A very dark song, this one is filled with processed vocals and synthesizer dominated beats. The song definitely sounds experimental but too much dominance of artificial factors draw out the natural affinity towards the song. How this song is used in

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the movie needs to be noted!

Raja Nee Mungitlo

Singers : Geetha Madhuri

This is a ‘heard before’ club song. This song,much like most of Yuvan’s recent numbers, follows a template without contributing anything on the musical front. The lyrics are nothing but typically arranged catch phrases. Overall,a disappointing number !

Vennellona Aduthunna

Singers : Deepu,Malavika

The album’s best song ! “Vennellona Aduthunna” is the album’s only duet song. and it follows a neat pattern and the backdrop of drums, pads, flute sync well with the vocals. The song is sure to be shot at exotic locales. Unlike Udit Narayanan who sang the Tamil version, Deepu gets the Telugu diction right. There is an impressive veena interlude also. Watch out for this song onscreen !

This is a mixed album from Yuvan ! There are a couple of nice songs – “Andham” & “Vennellona”. The “Silala Brathuke” is experimental. But,the remaining two songs are disappointing. The movie looks interesting and a better soundtrack might have propelled the film towards the top even more. Yuvan, somehow misses the bus in that aspect. But,the “Vennellona” & “Andham” songs are stand-out ones.

Picks of the album : Vennellona Aduthunna, Andham Andham

Album Verdict : Yuvan delivers a mixed bag !

Album Rating : ★★★★★★½☆☆☆