Song Rating
Dhenam Dhenam ★★★½☆
Kalangathe ★★★☆☆
Yenna Solla Pora ★★★½☆
Orey oru ★★★½☆
Pudikkala Pudikkudhu ★★★★☆

Dhenam dhenam:   Benny Dayal, Baba Sehgal

This one is the intro number of the hero, Dhanush. As usual the intro song goes with high beat rate as like other intros. DSP has tried up something different with Benny Dayal and Baba Sehgal with some funny lyrics which suites Dhanush well. Might be Baba Seghal has become a luck chap for DSP-Hari combo but he makes out a rap at the last which becomes the encouraging part of this song.

Kalangaathale:    Karthik

Karthik’s voice seems to be esoteric in this song and suits well for this plot. Thisone makes out a plot of Dhanush describing Tamanna and her actions on him. A somewhat good music and a melody without much of scoring music at the back.

Yenna Sola Pore:  DSP, MLR Karthikeyan

Here comes DSP, as he does a song in all other albums of him. Perfect village tune voiced by DSP himself is a cool classic music driven song.DSP not just a hit music directorbut also a good singer too proven in this song. A small string of violin in between adds life to the song. Good song but it resembles some earlier composing of DSP. MLR Karthikeyans,”Unna mattum..” at the middle also makes the song to be lovely.

Orey oru: Tipu, Harini

A nice melody number and it is a sad number describing the inability of the hero and the heroine to speak to each other might be due to the vengeance. The voice of Harini matches the situation well. The light voiced hum in the middle adds the weightage of this song.

Pudikale Pudikudhu: Mukesh, Suchitra

The key highlight of this song is the female rap at the beginning and the end. A ‘kick up’ number by DSP which would have reached high if the lyrics were good. Though lyrics are ill, the song will be a sure hit as these fast numbers are the key for a commercial film to get on to the top of the box office. Suchitra’s voice nowadays reaches the audience a lot through DSP and she does well to his expectations. The only con of this song is that Mukesh’s voice might not suit Dhanush. This song is going to make out everyone to dance down the floor.

Album ★★★½☆

In all , Venghai is a commercial melodrama and is filled with a lot of village tunes. Hari-DSP duo did not prove that good as they did it in ‘Singam’ and ’Aaru’. But the songs are somewhat nice to hear. Might be DSP’s background score would feature this village drama a great success.

Album reviewed by AT.Arun , Musicperk Team.

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