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Directed , script and cinematography by : Velraj

Produced by : Wunderbar films

Starring : Dhanush , Amala Paul , SaranyaPonvannan ,Samuthrakani,  Satish , AnithaRathnam

Music : AnirudhRavichander

Lyrics : Dhanush

Velaiyilla Pattadhari is the most expected film for two reasons , one for the growling teaser released during the new year and the second being Dhanush’s 25 film. Velraj is debuting as a director with this film and earlier he had held the camera for 3 and Aadukalam.  This movie , as the title suggests is believed to convey the message on the arising un-employment  and the fury among those youth, with a pinch of romance.


Amma Amma ★★★½☆

Singer : Dhanush , S.Janaki

Lyrics : Dhanush

Dhanush exempts the fact , that there should be some amount of singing to deliver what the track wants and continues his journey of a singer once again. He does it pretty average. But , yes the number is very good orchestrated track consisting of damru , extensive strings and mini chorus,  just like the add-ins that Anirudh gives usually. Janaki , after a sabattical , comes to stire the listener’s heart with her evergreen voice. That’s a plus point too , but stays short.

Hey Inga Paaru ★★★★☆

Singer : Anirudh

Lyrics : Dhanush

The composer is back in the expected avatar and does his vocals in a casual with attitude manner. Since the album contains more number , he has intelligently shortened and given small package of music bundles.

Po Indru Neeyaga ★★★☆☆

Singer : Dhanush

Lyrics : Dhanush

Probably , the next beautifully created song comes close to your ears. This has the punches only in sections and overlapping harmonies, with the latter not settling in ease sometimes along Dhanush’s mellow driven, impressive vocals.

Smiling with Pain , Sunrise (Theme pieces) ★★★★☆

Don’t miss out the soundtracks on screen because you will feel the magic on, in-front only then. The levering strings , accordion and piano used , have been exhausted in the best possible way in the small duration of both the tracks.

Udhungadaa Sangu ★★★★½

Singer : Anirudh

Lyrics : Dhanush

Welcome to the kick-ass tag holder and see how the number evolves slowly and nicely as melody and then street- dance one. The lyrics work out brilliantly , bringing the sadness of Happy-act single with a does of philosophy. Anirudh tears the record , backed by heavy tapes , Nadaswaram , flute and distortion bits.

Velayilla Pattadhaari (Title song) ★★★★½

Singer : Anirudh

Lyrics : Dhanush

An Hip-hop swirl combined with overflowing energy is felt once it is played on. Anirudh sings it in style  and shows the wrath of how an unsuccessful , jobless man. Be prepared to get electrified with the drum kicks, enduring distortions. Please put on your Headphones to feel the feel !!

What a Karuvad ★★★½☆

Singer : Dhanush , Anirudh

Lyrics : Dhanush

Thank God !!  Dhanush  does a decent job , by rendering this number  and matches his characteristics of singing profile. Anirudh uses a big space , but cant be identified since there is a quick transpose between the music , Dhanush and the composer in a kolaveri mixed with doped-unintentional mood.

Picks of the album – Udhungadaa Sangu , Velayilla Pattadhaari (Title song) , Hey Inga Paaru , Smiling with Pain , Sunrise (Theme pieces) ,Amma Amma


Anirudh gives goosebumps , when each of his albums release and yes , he has given his best yet again to prove that he has outgrown himself . But he needs to pay attention , when it comes to choosing the tunes to singers and vice-versa. Nevertheless , an overwhelming treat  for all !

Overall rating : ★★★★★★★½☆☆