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Cast: Navadeep, Rithu Bermecha, Sri Hari, Brahmanandam

Music: Chinni Charan

Lyrics: Chinni Charan, Sagar Narayana, Mahie

Dialogues: Ramaswamy

Cinematography: Krishna Prasad

Direction: Karthikeya Gopalakrishna

This is Navdeep’s first mass entertainer and expectations are running high. It stars Navdeep in the role of a thief while Srihari is the police officer. Word has it that the film’ story revolves around money and that every character in the film thinks

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only about that five letter word. The audio which was released a few weeks back received a good response and is set to become a good launchpad for the movie. The album consists of five songs and has been composed by Chinni Charan. The lyrics for the songs ‘Jahnavi’ and ‘Paisaye Paramathma’ have been penned by Sagar Narayana while ‘Nakko Nakko’ has been written by Mahie. The other songs have been scripted by Chinni Charan himself.

Track Name Singers Rating
Thimmini Bammini Rahul Nambiar ★★★½☆
Jahnavi Anudeep Dev, Aparna Nandan ★★★☆☆
Nakko Nakko Mahie, Sahiti ★★★★☆
Muddosthunnav Nana Bhargavi Pillai, Hemant ★★★★☆
Paisaye Paramathma Deepthi, Geeta Madhuri, Hemant, Malavika, Narsan Kasala, Shravana Bhargavi ★★★★½

Album Analysis:

1. Thimmini Bammini

Singers: Rahul Nambiar

This is a mass entertainer which appeals especially to the youth. The lyrics are catchy and connect to the audience with ease. The tempo is high and Rahul Nambiar’s voice packs the punch that gives the words its essence. The song pumps in enough variations and all this only adds to its glamour. The lyrics are such that they remain in your ears long after you have moved on from the song. Listen to this for the lyrics and Rahul’s powerful voice.

2. Jahnavi

Singers : Anudeep Dev, Aparna Nandan

On the outset, the tune seems to have been simply lifted off from a song that you might have heard before. Nothing new about the tune although the use of a variety of instrumentals leaves your ears full of music but you still can’t help but feel bored towards the end of the song. Anudeep fills your heart with his edgy voice while the sweetness in Aparna’s voice is refreshing to hear. The lyrics speak about romance and pure love. A refreshing waft of fresh air but you can ignore this after your first time.

3. Nakko Nakko

Singers : Mahie, Sahiti

Another bright song in the album after Thammini Bhammini! Mahie brings the Sunidhi Chauhan effect to the song with her raunchy and naughty voice. The song has all the elements of an item song. The tune is quite peppy so you can tap your feet to it if you feel like it. The lyrics are catchy and interesting to listen to and connect with the audience with their uncommon nature. The voices pump enough energy into the song to make it rocking from the word GO.

4. Muddosthunnav Nana

Singers : Bhargavi Pillai, Hemant

One more going the raunchy way! Bhargavi is inviting and fun to listen to with the roughness and edginess in it. The song pumps up the tempo and sets the floor on fire. Hemant’s voice seems too smooth and gentle for the song but then the contrast between the two lead voices sounds interesting to listen to. The words spell romance in its raunchy fashion. Once again, a dance number which would invite you to shake a leg or two.

5. Paisaye Paramathma

Singers : Deepthi, Geeta Madhuri, Hemant, Malavika, Narsan Kasala, Shravana Bhargavi

One does wonder what the song holds for us when there are six singers against its name. A fast paced gaana-type song which pumps in more than required energy with lyrics in multiple languages. The tune is in one word-‘Happening’. This song might catch the fancy of the masses and the young particularly in the rural and semi-urban centers. It is a song well-made with its due share of variations.

This is a well-composed album that leaves the audience craving for at least a couple more numbers. The album caters to the masses and especially attracts the young in both the urban as well as the rural crowds. The right selection of singers for the right numbers made all the difference except Hemant to a certain extent, who wasn’t the exact fit although he still pulled it off well. The only drawbacks may be the less number songs in the album and the absence of an out and out melody track that would have made the album not seem so one-sided although ‘Jahnavi’ does cater to the melody genre to a certain extent. Just like the movie, the album too caters to the masses with most of the songs being mass entertainers. The album has one for every one be it an item song, a duet, a hero-centric entertainer or a gaana song. Given the right opportunities, Chinni definitely has the potential to rise to the top of the ladder.

Picks Of the Album: Paisaye Paramathma, Muddosthunnav Nana, Nakko Nakko

Album Verdict: Groove to it! A mass-entertainer. Way to go Chinni….

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆