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Adding an exotic flavor to dance/pop music is Uzbek beauty Googoosha. The singer has released her infectious single “Round Run” to the US to turn music lovers into fans.

Proving to be a force on all corners of the globe, Googoosha recently released the club smash “Round Run,” and nabbed the #5 spot on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play chart. Turntable master DJ White Snow (Lady Gaga’s Born This Way) remixed the single and the fist-pumping remix quickly became a fan and DJ favorite in clubs everywhere.


Accompanying the single “Round Run” is an action-packed and fast-moving music video that encompasses just as much energy as the song. For most of the video, a man dressed in all black is seen racing through the city, jumping from roof to roof and running up walls, signifying the continuous running race that love takes its players on. Adorned with jewels and dressed in a flowing black gown, Googoosha offsets the mayhem as she sings and gracefully walks through a beautiful, antique building.

Talented in more ways than one, the mezzo-soprano singer has been working persistently to promote her self-titled album, a poetic soundtrack to her inner most feelings and experiences. While her silky tone serenade ears, her authentic lyrics take listeners on a retrospective journey inside her mind. As a natural writer, Googoosha discovered magic once she decided to pair her poems with music.

The flavor of self-comprehension in these poems made them sound like melodies of life,” explained Googoosha. 

Geography is no match for the foreign star. With a deep passion for all types of music, Googoosha is influenced by world-famous artists from Massive Attack, Adele, Moby, Imogen Heap, Kanye West to Sade. Each song on the album proves the singer masters diversity as she explores different areas of pop music, while staying true to her Uzbek roots.

Released earlier this year to a raving US reception, the album Googoosha features 13 Eastern-inspired songs that will take listeners to a warmer side of pop music. Produced by Russian producer Maxim Fadeev (Enigma), the album and single “Round Run” are currently being sold in Asia, Russia, and a number of other European countries.

Visit Googoosha’s Facebook or her official website to keep up with the “Round Run” singer. Watch the video on Youtube.

This is a guest post by Brandon Hansen.