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Cast: Balakrishna, Manchu Manoj, Suhasini Maniratnam, Deksha seth, Prabhu, Manchu Lakshmi Prasanna, Soonu sood, Bhanu Chander, Sai Kumar etc

Producer: Lakshimi Manchu( Manchu Entertainment and Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures)

Director: Sekhar Raja

Music Director: Bobo Shashi and one song by Vidya Sagar

The surprise package of this summer is UKUP. With the huge set and the huge star cast it has, surely said to be a biggest entertainer and prestigious movie and has increased the expectations with the first look, teasers and trailers. It is expected to be different film coming soon in the late summer keeping up the standards. Let’s check out how far the music has been shaped up.

Song Singers Rating
“Anuragame Haaratulaye” (Composed by Vidyasagar) Anveshaa, Karthik ★★★★☆
“Prathi Kshanam Narakame” Ramee, Tupakeys, G-Arulaz ★★★☆☆
“Adhi Ani Idhi Ani” Hariharan , Prashantini ★★★½☆
Are You Ready Instrumental ★★★½☆
“Abbabba Abbabba” Ramee, Nrithya, Janani, Reeta, Ramya NSK ★★★½☆
Hai re Hai Ranjith, M. L. R. Karthik, Senthil, Sam, Sormuki, Ramya, Deepa ★★★☆☆


Song 1: Anuragame Haaratulaye

This is the Surprise track of the album from a great musician Vidya sagar. The essence and beautifulness of Telugu prose can be sensed and it’s lovely too. The vocalists are clean and apt. And yes! Expect some grandeur visuals as it sense like a background song especially for NBK.  The song has the stamp of Vidya sagar with a usage of Indian instruments at its best and it’s a nice song to begin an album.

Song2: Prathi Kshanam Narakame

Horror is the USP of this song. The lyrics make us think and keep engaged and interested. Horror visuals can be expected. Music is perfectly blended with the song. Vocalists are energetic. Not a great song but a good scary song and an interesting song of the album.

Song 3: Adhi ani Idhi ani

Sure short hitting song of the album with bobo’s terrific music. The visuals are also good as they are out in the form of song teasers. And it is a youthful song of the album. All chances to become a chartbuster. Peppy song and Vocalists are awesome! Can hear it more than once!

Song 4: Are you ready

This is an instrumental music with versatile instrumentations. Very catchy, racy blended with correct pace. The hero’s intro and his strange acts can witness this music as BGM! Nice and this music will surely hook the youth.

Song 5: Abbabba Abbabba

“Abbabba Abbabba” the words itself are catchy. Influenced by present day’s music and highly rocking and entertaining. A good song and can be a popular song in repeated hearing with equally good dances. Yet another appealing song of the album

Song 6: Hai re hai

The lyrics are very appealing in the song and the song is just like a Horse riding which has perfect momentum. This song can be a good group song and has good beat and tempo. Though it pales at some parts finally it comes out as a decent song to end the album.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Surely keeps up the exciting factor after listening to the songs and raise the expectation on the movie too as each song is different in its own way yet appealing and attractive. Bobo this time comes out as a winner and surely won’t disappoint us and special package song from vidya sagar is worth mentioning.

Pics of the album: Anuragame harathulaye, Adhi ani edhi ani

Album verdict: Treat to all musical lovers.