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Music Artist/Band: Olio

Album: Untitled

Genre(s): Pop, Rock, Funk


Untitled is a twelve-track rock/funk/pop album by Olio; released March, 2014 on AD4 Records. Curiously titled and delightfully arranged, the album is an animated fusion of pop, rock, soul and funk that may liven up even the dreariest of crowds!

The band consists of Arif Hodzic on vocals, guitars, keys, DeHaven Carrington on the vocals, drums and percussion and Kelley Hill on the bass and vocals.



Ready Set Go (Got The Feeling) ★★★☆☆
Get A Room ★★★½☆
Idi It Girl ★★★★★
Caught Up ★★★★★
Boom ★★★★★
Dance ★★★☆☆
Once In A Lifetime ★★★☆☆
Round and Round ★★★★½
Getting Away With Murder ★★★★☆
Love ★★★½☆
She’s Hard to Tame ★★★★½
The Show Goes On ★★★½☆


1.       Ready Set Go (Got The Feeling)

This song is akin to the extremely likeable guy next door. With goofy lyrics over soaring instrumentals, it’s difficult not to want in on the energy this track exudes!

2.       Get A Room

A slightly different kind of vibrancy dominates this fast paced, so-flashy-it’s-fun number. Pop/funk sounds dominate this tightly arranged track which ends the way it begins; on a guitar-led high!

3.       Idi it Girl

Can we CC this song to all the popstars-gone-rogue? The song is as clever as the title: a really funny, quirky and edgy pop-culture commentary. The blazing guitars add an additional dose of conviction to the mix!

4.       Caught Up

A rocky and glorified take on being “caught up [in how good how good you feel].” The track is a puzzling and spontaneous splash of genres.The resultant pop/soul/funk goodness feels candid and is loads of fun to listen to!

5.       Boom

Swoony vocals, revved-up instrumentals and a chorus that’s as catchy as heck and—boom, you get a trigger-happy and completely crazy narrative of the “modern [marital] tragedy”!

6.       Dance

One of the more sober-sounding but nevertheless groovy dance tracks! There’s definite character in the lyrics and vocals; outshining the relatively generic pop beats.

7.       Once In A Lifetime

This track starts out slow, backed by the piano before it becomes pluckier and peppier, withincreased strumming. Unfortunately, once it reaches its peak, the magic dies; it feels a bit too glossed over.

8.       Round and Round

Foot-tapping, seasoned instrumentals guide us through the dramarama of an angsty relationship! “Turn up- the lights and sound/Our love- goes round and round,” the singer croons, and you’re hooked.

9.       Getting Away With Murder

Bring on the mind games. The guitar and drum lines are terrific here—as the singer surges forward, charging the accused for invading his mental space. “I keep my skeletons locked away/Somehow my skeletons are out to play/You’re getting away with murder (murder).”

10.   Love

The quirky instrumentals keep this song going. Love is your quintessential gawky and dreamy-eyed love song that’s so cheesy, it’s adorable! This one has a great rhythm to it.

11.   She’s Hard to Tame

She’s Hard To Tame has one heck of a chorus! As the track progresses, you’re caught in a tizzy of pulsating beats, chants and strings; and it’s worth every second.

12.   The Show Goes On

A terrific way to end the album! The lyrics capture your imagination, as the rock instrumentals dominate much of the song.

Verdict: Incredibly refreshing and joyful! Olio’s energy, quirky mishmash of pop/funk/rock and epic lyricisms makes Untitled a treat to listen to!

Picks of the album: Idi It Girl, Caught Up, Boom, Round and Round, She’s Hard to Tame

Overall Rating: ★★★★★★★★★☆