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One band which has never failed to impress the audience, that one band which kept on getting better over the years and which comes to our mind when we speak of perfect combination of vocals and music which one cant get enough of, that band is none other than Green Day! Having won five Grammy awards, this band, a group of 4 have given rock music a whole new meaning. American Idiot, the album which was released in the year 2004 helped them gain a lot of fans and since then quite a lot of people even now refer to this band as American Idiot rather than Green day. The song 21 guns from their previous album, American Idiot and Boulevard of broken dreams was appreciated world wide and continues to remain one of the best songs by Green day!

¡Uno! Is their ninth studio album which was released on 21st September 2012. It is the first of three albums of the trilogy. This album has 12 songs, lets have a look at how these fare –




Nuclear Family ★★★★☆
Stay the night ★★★★☆
Carpe Diem ★★★½☆
Let yourself go ★★★☆☆
Kill the DJ ★★★★☆
Fell for you ★★★★½
Loss of control ★★★½☆
Trouble maker ★★★☆☆
Angel Blue ★★★★☆
Sweet 16 ★★½☆☆
Rusty James ★★★☆☆
Oh love ★★★½☆



Nuclear Family

 And they start off with a Bang! Pop-punk like rock music along with Billie Joe’s vocals you would wish you had a guitar which you could start playing and singing along with this song. Honestly, the music is what you will be engrossed in, the lyrics can hardly be heard but it doesn’t really matter.

Stay the night

 This four and a half minute track, starts off on a very lively note. Energetic and quite meaningful this track is something to look out for, something most teenagers out there would enjoy listening to.

Carpe Diem

 “Making a living, making a killing..What’s worth forgiving?”

This line from the song can be interpreted in different ways and that’s where the beauty of this song lies. You can interpret the lyrics in any way you want and you can’t help but fall in love with this song. However, the music seems too heavy for a song like this hence in this case the lyrics is what you will enjoy listening to.

Let yourself go

 The title of the track gives you an impression that this is going to be a mellow one, but as soon as this song starts you will be taken aback. Wild, crazy and explicit is what defines this song. For all you headbangers out their, you will like this one!

Kill the DJ

 Jazzy and sensually soothing this track is very different from the usual Green day songs and this why you will like this one more. Although the music will remind you a lot of Robbie William’s tracks, this song still manages to make it’s own unique identity.

Fell for you

For the girls out there, this track will make you go ‘Awww’ the entire song. Hilarious yet very romantic it talks about the emotions one goes through when you see someone for the first time and after that you just can’t get them out of your head. The music is at it’s best as usual.

Loss of control

If there’s a track you want to describe your gang of friends this would be the one most of you out there would choose. Simple yet the rock music just gets you into that mood of doing something crazy, being spontaneous and if possible hold onto those moments forever.


 This song seems quite boring to listen to after listening to such awesome songs which pump you up.

It’s quite slow and does not offer much of rock music but it is still worth a listen.

Angel blue

 After listening to this song, you will definitely listen to it again, it’s absolutely beautiful. The heavy rock punk rock music get’s you into a very chirpy mood and the lyrics will manage to get you grinning as you will be able to relate to it quite well. The vocals are brilliant like always.

Sweet 16

 As plain as this song sounds, one might like it if you’re a hard core Green Day fan, if not this will be like a one time listen.

Rusty James

 This one is the usual Green Day track, rock music accompanied with Billie Joe’s amazing voice, you will love this song for it’s music.

 Oh love

 This was the first single from the album which was released in July. It’s a slow and a very easy going one. The lyrics might get a little heavy at certain places, never the less it’s a good end to the album.

Verdict : This album showcases the strong aspects of Green Day and experimentation with the music is one aspect which is admirable. Along with the usual rock music, you can find a little bit of pop punk music which one would really like. The best tracks in the album include “Stay the night”, “Angel Blue” and “Fell for you”. Green Day is best at what they do and this album will just make the audience more eager to listen to the other two albums in the trilogy.

 Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆