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Artist: Ayron Michael

Genre: R&B

Label: DittoMusicFA

Lyrics: Ayron Michael

Ayron’s debut album, Unleashed, pre-launched with the digital-only release of the single “Have it Your Way.” After selecting a sexy track from producer Super Star O, Roc and Ayron came up with the perfect arrangement, allowing his vocals to blend with the smooth, intimate style &

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Ayron Michael

Track Name Rating
Have it Your Way ★★★★☆
Good Love ★★★★½
One Night ★★★½☆
The One ★★★☆☆
You ★★★☆☆
Lost ★★½☆☆
Medicine ★★★★½
Move ★★½☆☆
Hero ★★★★☆

1. Have it Your Way

Having a track like this as a pre-launch is a smart decision; a track that speaks of the artist’s musical talent, the artist’s capability is truly reflected in this one. His voice is something to look out for, vaguely familiar to other artists of the genre yet distinct. Also, you end up expecting the same kind of work throughout the album.

2. Good Love

The song starts off in a way that is rare to find, with some heavy panting of the words – ‘Good Love’. There is a blend of a vocals that accentuates the song’s melody, the essence of the song is felt which is because of so much that is going in the background. This artist is no different than of today’s R&B artists but has certainly got the X factor that makes him desirable.

3. One Night Ft. Millaman

Vocals are the strength of this song. The certain ‘ping’ element with the acoustics adds to the sheen of the track. In tracks like these, the music and the vocals overshadow the lyrics, but they do play major role, speaking of which, they could have been a bit more “polished”. Millaman was just fine, but more of him maybe?

4.The One

A very mellow beginning makes the song a bit boring as it progresses. The vocals are just perfect, like always. As the song proceeds, you wait for the monotony to break; you wait for the song to turn into a little lively, but that never happens. You could say – “hey, that is how the song is supposed to be!”. Well some might enjoy it, other light turn to something better.

5. You

Something that must be appreciated about the artist is the way he doesn’t let one track influence another. Every single is unique and different from the other. This one has got some real good notes, something not heard before. The way he croons ‘you’ is very adorable but the kind of howling that comes occasionally in the track is a turn-off.

6. Lost

The vocals in this one seems repetitive. The track does seem to lose its direction mid way, as it has no hold over the listener. The singer takes a very disappointing turn as it proceeds, it gets monotonou. A better choice of acoustics, maybe? Could have been better.

7. Medicine

The vocals need special mention in this track, that particular drag in the beginning is a such a hit. The peppy notes, and the clever the track makes transition from one tempo to another is beyond impressive. Just like the vocals, the lyrics are extra-ordinary. Arguably, the best track in the album. Who knew that medicine could be spun around into such a great song?

8. Move

The song despite of being distinct from the other tracks doesn’t really have anything to offer to the listeners. This however does try his best to make this every bit lively by using elements that are not used in the other tracks but it somehow fails to deliver the charm.

9. Hero Ft. Erim Cicek

Erim Cicek starts off the song with some heavy rap better than what was delivered by Millaman. However, Ayron Michael does match up to the rap and delivers equally brilliantly in this one, in his way, in his style. The song can definitely be called a piece of work.

The artist is definitely is someone to look out for in the future. His way of infusing vocals into the kind of music that people will like is brilliant. His finishing is absolutely perfect. If a debut is this good, one can definitely say that his upcoming works are going to develop a huge fan following in the years to come.

Picks of the album: Have It Your Way, Medicine, Lost, Hero

Album Rating : ★★★★★★★★☆☆