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Album : Under Your Skin

Artist   : Saliva

Genre  : Alternative Grunge Rock

“Saliva” the stalwarts of the nu metal genre launched their seventh studio album named “Under Your Skin”.  A complete experimental album in terms of sounds and vocals and unlike their previous releases this one’s got too many ballads! not many rock inspriring anthems only a few potential soundtrack type songs!


Song Rating
Badass ★★★★☆
Better Days ★★★☆☆
Nothing ★★½☆☆
Hate Me ★★☆☆☆
Never Should’ve Let You Go ★★★☆☆
Prove Me Wrong ★★★½☆
Burn It Up ★★★½☆
Toxic Suicide ★★☆☆☆
Turn The Lights On ★★★☆☆
Spotlight ★★★★☆

I first got hooked to this band when i heard them perform the Pretenders’ “Message Of Love” for the flick “Not Another Teen Movie”. And so i started listening to their first self titled album and was impressed! they offered a new kinda music. Partly angry partly gloomy and mostly carefree attitude. Their sounds are quite unique and had the reputation of written good songs consistently and unlike their peers they dont produce the same flat music or songs!

But the release of “Under Your Skin” made me change my opinion on the band! Saliva is one of those kinda bands which when reaching the figure of 7 or 8 in the number of album releases fail or struggle to impress like “LP”. The album’s nothing like “Every Six Seconds” or “Blood Stained Love Story” despite the futile efforts to compete alongside!

For a guy like me who follow the band solely for their kinda songs like “Click Click Boom” , “Superstar” and “Ladies & Gentleman” the album’s a huge disappointment! But if your a fanatic for the band then you may like it because they haven’t entirely forgotten their roots in the music!


The album starts with a heavy number and a cheezy titled track attempting to make the fans believe that this album is gonna be as good as their previous ones and as the song goes you might even fall for it! The song starts with a heacy drumming pattern and an imoressive riff which sounds similar to the Fall Out Boy’s version of “Beat It” and is soon accompanied by Scott’s slow but rising vocals!

2.Better Days

The ordeal of slow songs begin here! Honestly had i wanted to listen to songs of this kind i wouldn’t mind listening to “Simple Plan” well ofcousre i have to bear with their lead vocals but i’d prefer them! A track for the emotionally weak by the band, a powerfull ballad. The bridges in the track here and there by the guitars are impressive!


This track makes you to immediately pull out your head phones and skip to the next track no sooner it starts! What was the band thinking when they were making this song?! i’m sure Scott kept “Black Eyed Peas” in mind while singing for this!  Aptly titled the song has nothing chracteristic of the Saliva save for the guitars which appear after sometime.

4.Hate You

Remember how i said you’d immediately wanna skip to the next track for the previous song, well with this you’d completely abandon the album and you don’t have to be a rabid rock fanatic to express such hostilty towards this song! Seriously it cannot get worse and enough of the ballads already! The guitars unfortunately don’t help either

5.Never ShouldVe Let You Go

I couldn’t help but keep a straight face 😐 for this song. This album is inspired by every other artist except by theirs own! Looks like Scott didn’t forget his feature in Nickleback’s song “Hero” , he does a perfect impersonation of Chad! I wouldn’t be surprised if the next one featured Santana in it!

6.Prove Me Wrong

We can see some revival in Scott’s style and vocals in this track! Not an impressive background music but the vocals get better infact compared to the previous tracks its a relief! They made a good use of the synth and the guitars and providing an improved melody but hey itsstill the melody where is the metal!?

7.Burn It Up

Finally the band gives music to our ears, the kinda music v wanted to hear when we got the album! The song has all the traits of “Click Click Boom” in the vocals and instruments but the lyrics are very emotional and doesn’t suit! So just see that you set your equalizer to attenuate the vocals not too much either don’t miss the chorus and enjoy the music! All the good tracks come short! 😐

8.Toxic Suicide

Did they really had to do this track it didn’t do much good as a filler too for the album! Again the vocals are a disappointment from Scott (did he forget that he sang the song “Always”). Yet another track to just skip and go you’d happy with the fact the album’s almost done!

9.Turn The Lights On

Well what were you expecting, yes its another mellow ballad from the album. Something has been troubling the band or i guess their experiments with sound just went really bad! The lyrics would suit if Jason Mraz or John Mayers had sung! Chorus is kinda deep and ok!


Ah yes how nice of Scott to not leave us completely dejected and thus he revives the band’s stereotypical music in the last track of the album! Thus giving us hope that if there is a next one they’d do better than this! After what we have gone through in the entire album everything scores in the final track vocals, chorus, guitar and drum patterns giving us what we want!

After listening to the album i learnt that sometimes diasters happen when bands try to experiment with sounds  ! but a brave effort by Saliva except they shouldn’t try it again and stick to the roots! If your a soft rock or ballad fan then the album is all yours for the rest of the orthodox rock fans skip this one forget about the band’s reputation if thats your reason to listen to this album!