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Artist : Tim McGraw

Genre : Country Rock

Label : Big Machine


You thought cowboy songs were melodic and slow, with acoustic guitars and banjos filling up the ambience? Get ready to be taken aback. Cowboys went perfect rock n’ roll. Tim McGraw literally does not give you time to breathe, with this entirely power-packed rendition.

It doesn’t actually give you the feel of a cowboy style lyrics initially, when the starting piece of music tends to pure rock, with the electric guitar and the heavy, medium-based beats. The only clue right then, is the track’s title, with the word ‘Yeah’ in it, which is a modern slang for yes. But, since that is used by any English-speaking person these days, you are left clueless again. Then enters McGraw’s zealous vocals, in perfect cowboy slang of English, in spectacular fashion.

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The chorus is undoubtedly the biggest attraction of the track. The

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pieces where ‘Truck yeah’ actually comes in the lyrics, has an unknown feeling of awesomeness attached to it, where even if you cannot speak the cowboy slang, you say ‘Truck Yeah’ with all your might.

There are people out there who don’t enjoy rock all that well, and rather, resort to melodies or soft music. But, even those people cannot but provide a keen ear to this one, for the inborn alluring nature of the song. This would be a great track for a rock concert as well, with the marvelous guitar work and stylish rendition, which can actually make the crowd go wild. The lyrics don’t make much sense, unless you want it to, but with the power of this track, people hardly care about that factor. Overall, a great track to feel the impetus rushing in.

Verdict : Great. Stylish.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆