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 Album : Trespassing 

Artist : Adam Lambert

Funky haircut, deep set eyes lined with eyeliner, tight body fit costumes and a flamboyant voice this is Adam Lambert for you. The runner up of 8th season American idol released his second studio album ‘Trespassing’ on 15th May 2012 which topped the iTunes chart on the very first day. The way he dresses, his style and his voice has helped create a rock star image for him. The 30 year old singer has won awards like – ‘The sexiest male celebrity’, ‘Entertainer of the year’, ‘Male musician of the year’, ‘Artist of the year’ etc, the list is endless. Various people ranging from record producer Rob Cavallo to Brian May who is the lead guitarist of Queen have complimented his voice saying ‘Lambert’s voice is of the highest range and power’

In his latest album most of the songs fall under the genre of club music which is fast, catchy and peppy! There are 15 tracks in the album, lets have a look at how these tracks and album in whole fares :-

 Song name  Rating
Trespassing ★★★★☆
Cukoo ★★★☆☆
Shady feat Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro ★★★☆☆
Never close our eyes ★★★½☆
Kickin’ in ★★½☆☆
Naked love ★★★½☆
Pop that lock ★★★½☆
Better than I know myself ★★★★☆
Broken English ★★★½☆
Underneath ★★★★☆
Chokehold ★★★☆☆
Outlaws of love ★★★★☆
Runnin’ ★★★☆☆
Take back ★★★☆☆
Nirvana ★★★★☆

 1.      Trespassing

Lambert had earlier mentioned that he is highly musically influenced by Micheal Jackson, Madonna and Freddie Mercury. In this track , you’ll know he isn’t lying. The pop music in this track will remind you of Micheal Jackson’s music, it’s the first thing that will strike your mind as you start listening to this track.

The tune is addictive making you want to do some of those hip-hop moves.

 2.      Cukoo

This 3 minute long song is fast paced and loud but only a one time listen. It’s a typical club music track, but it’s not a track which you will always enjoy listening to.

 3.      Shady feat Nile Rodgers and Sam Sparro

Starts off in a very robotic tune and is comparatively slower than the previous tracks. You’ll be amazed to see that Adam’s voice sounds so much like Micheal Jackson’s in this particular track. 

4.      Never close our eyes

Lambert’s voice is something you’ll appreciate in this track, but other than the vocals there’s nothing more to look forward for as the tune continues to fall under the genre of pop, club music.

 5.      Kickin’ in

This one fails to impress you! Lyrics doesn’t make much sense and the pop music fails to get your feet tapping. It’s one of the worst songs by Lambert till date.

 6.      Naked love

After listening to Kickin’ in, this song comes as a relief. Pay close attention to the lyrics as it will surely get you grinning. A track you will enjoy listening to and dancing on.

 7.      Pop that lock

This track will get you drooling over the vocals as Lambert’s voice sounds extremely sexy. Quite a naughty and aggressive track in terms of lyrics and the tune will make you want to let your hair down and dance.

 8.      Better than I know myself

Lambert is one hell of a gifted singer and for people who haven’t realized this, listening to this song will make you accept the fact. His voice sounds absolutely brilliant even as he sings at a higher range.

This song is a must listen.

 9.      Broken English

Such a heart warming song! What makes this song even more sweet is that it has a personal touch to it. The lyrics to a certain extent apparently reflect the language barrier with Lambert’s Finnish boyfriend. Slow and soft are the words which perfectly describe the tune of this track.

 10.  Underneath

Such a beautiful song, something most of us can relate to hence it can get you very emotional. Lovely wordings, soulful music and amazing vocals makes this track a must listen one.

 11.  Chokehold

It’s a nice song but it won’t really strike a chord with you as the track isn’t as impressive as the previous ones. Lyrics is quite repetitive and music is sapless hence the track doesn’t really work.

 12.  Outlaws of love

It’s the best track in this album. It can get you teary as the song is very touching. The song defends all the gay people out there, telling them it’s okay to be gay and love is love weather it’s between heterosexuals or homosexuals.

 13.  Runnin’

This song is heavy as the music is loud and noisy, because of this some people might find it irritating to listen to. This track is included under the deluxe edition, but the presence or absence of this track wouldn’t make any difference to this album.

 14.  Take back

It’s a typical Lambert track, nothing unique about it. This is another one time listen song as there are other tracks in the album which are more thrilling than this one.

 15.  Nirvana

We can escape to higher plane, in nirvana, stay where dreams lay’. Such beautiful wordings teamed up with wonderful music and scintillating vocals making it one of the best melodies in the album.

Verdict : Lambert’s voice is something you just can’t stop appreciating throughout, but the album lacks variety. Most of the tracks are clubbing types so there’s nothing different as such about the album. The mainstream gay pop artist needs to experiment a bit as that is exactly what the audience is looking for.  ‘Outlaws of love’, ‘Nirvana’, ‘Trespassing’,’ Better than I know myself’ and ‘Pop that lock’ are some of the best tracks in the album. It’s a good album but the American singer needs to push himself away from his usual style and try something new.

Overall ★★★★★★★☆☆☆