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Artist : Jessica Sanchez

Genre : Dance-pop

Label : 19, Interscope

Writers :Shaffer Smith, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Tor E. Hermansen

Producer :StarGate



It is a pretty blissful start, much like any pop track. One feature of the song which projects itself out well, is the blend between the male vocals and the female vocals. One complements the other beautifully and moves in unison. One is the cake, while the other is the icing.

The mood is all calm and quiet in the beginning with vocals moving peacefully, amongst the beats. The vocals catch the pitch just before the chorus and end up in a split second silence. The chorus is commendable, with the way it is presented. The female vocal styling is not anything unique – it is that kind of voice with all the zeal in it plunging it right into the middle of the listener pool. But, the male voice feels kind of unique, with its soft and normalized feel. Either way, neither of the vocals are anything short of admirable.


After that first chorus, it is tough to catch the song back to the previous mood, that even when the similar portions repeat, the chorus’ effect lingers on and on, raising the bars of the song each time it is being played. Monotony does strike in, but only at the very end, when as soon as you realize that it is getting repetitive, the song ends. The song is nothing new as such, but give that its genre is Dance-pop, it does complete justice to it.

Verdict : Nothing brand new, but good for the genre.

Album ★★★★★★★½☆☆