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Album :- Best Of

Band :- Tokio Hotel

Song Name Writer Music Perk
Darkside of the sun Bill Kaulitz ★★½☆☆
Monsoon Bill Kaulitz ★★★☆☆
Hurricanes and Suns Bill Kaulitz ★★☆☆☆
Ready, set, go Bill Kaulitz ★★★☆☆
World behind my wall Bill Kaulitz ★★★★☆
Scream Bill Kaulitz ★★½☆☆
Automatic Bill Kaulitz ★★★★☆
Phantom rider Bill Kaulitz ★★★☆☆
Break away Bill Kaulitz ★★½☆☆
1000 oceans Bill Kaulitz ★★★½☆
Noise Bill Kaulitz ★★★½☆
Humanoid Bill Kaulitz ★★★☆☆

1. Dark Side Of The Sun –

A slow start to begin the album with a sudden burst from the guitar. the lead vocals start with a energetic Hello, the verse has an impressive rhyme throughout and the chorus is also very good! quite a track to start with talks everything about the band and their remaining songs. The techno voice which spouts at times wont annoy you unlike in a few songs! The song gets better as it nears the end.

2. Monsoon-

Tom opens the song with a slow guitar intro which is very catchy. vocals are not verycommendable in this track but the chorus scores and the guitar compensates from the first minute. Quite emotional unlike their other songs!

3. Crawl –

Too good a song from the album. The lyrics make you wonder how much hatred the singer has towards another protagonist in the song. Darkest of their verses is featured in this song. The screaming in the chorus just completes the song. Reminds me of their previous songs like Evil angel.

4. Hurricanes And Suns –

As i had said in the start when briefing about the album it would have been better if they had not

included this song but this song just goes with the pace nothing over-the-top about this song!

5. Ready,Set,Go! –

The start of the song gives you impression that its a fast version of Monsoon! Amazing verse, meaningful song! Chorus hits again with properly placed bridges!

6. World Behind My Wall –

My most favourite song from their entire discography , the drums are treat in this song! As again the chorus is brilliant! The lyrics are so random yet they seem to make some sense when you are listening to the song!

7. Scream –

This song is the opening song for the album also named Scream clearly a misfit in this album! Butif you wanted a screaming song then this song’s presence isn’t gonna bother you!

8. Automatic-

This one is a completely different kinda song very fast paced and pumping! Aptly found its place in this album and placed in the right spot after a let down of two songs!

9. Phantom Rider –

This song merely acts as a filler in this album! The track’s got a few signature guitar solos and the percussions are catchy! The verse is quite emotional and short! Not much of their impressive chorus in this song!

10. Break Away-

Unlike their other songs the intro for this is very faint but it is compensated by a melodic verse and a powerful chorus. Another must check out track from this album for the lyrics and the vocals!

11. 1000 Oceans –

This is onr my favourite songs from the album , from their entire discography as such! The vocals is simply amazing in this song! A very powerfull and melodic verse is complemented by Tim with the giutar.

12. Noise –

This song has been righteously placed at the ends of the album just when the mood is all quite this song opens up with a riff from Tim to wake you up! The song inspires you to get up and make some noise ! A must listen single even if you don’t bother listening to the album!

13. Humanoid

This song continues to the tempo of its predecessor! It was also featured on the set list of the rhythm game Rock Band 3. This too is a must listen single from the band!

Album ★★½☆☆

The compilation shows an expansive side, blending the natural progression of the group which in a way, makes the release almost seem like an entirely new album. Also the line up the tracks are impressive but songs like “Scream” and “Hurricanes And Suns” could have been avoided. Tokio Hotel are the kinda breed that has talent but will do good only in their native lingo! But impressive attempt on alternate rock! this album can be bought if you really don’t mind the lead vocals, i mean its amazing as long as you don’t try to figure out if its a guy or a girl!

Album Reviewed by Dinesh Chowdhary , MusicPerk Team.