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Artist: Louise Aubrie

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Pop/Rock, Post-Punk

Louise’s highly anticipated second album, Time Honoured Alibi, is released in March 2013, with Mr. Boorer once more at the helm, both as producer and as a co-writer with Louise on a new track.  The album was mixed by Cam Blackwood at Voltaire Road Studios in London, who has recently worked with artists such as Cee Lo Green and Florence and the Machine.

Louise Aubrie

Track Name Rating
Where Are You ★★½☆☆
Lovestruck ★★★☆☆
Keep It Coming ★★½☆☆
Circuit ★★★☆☆
Tonight At Ronnie’s ★★☆☆☆
The Seams ★½☆☆☆
In Honour ★★★☆☆
Gold ★★★½☆

 1.      Where Are You

Raw. That’s the first word that comes to your mind after you listen to this song. The music’s pretty good and so are the lyrics but the deliverance, the rhythm and the song in its entirety is an immature attempt. Though there are certain parts of the song that show signs of experience and musical talent, like the ending. On a side-note, the video is very disturbing.

2.      Lovestruck

The song starts off with the bizarre cacophony of the electric guitar, though it gets better as the song the song progresses. The song, which comes across as a letdown at the beginning, is saved by the artist’s voice and stability that keeps the song going. And yes, the lyrics do make sense throughout the song and are on par with the pace of the song. Not bad.

 3.      Keep It Coming

This one starts off in a better way than the previous two tracks. The song is pretty monotonous throughout, doesn’t appeal to the listener most of the time. Must say, the lyrics are something that keep the songs of this album going. There’s something about the singer’s deliverance of the words which proves to be such a turn off.

4.      Circuit

This track saves the album from going absolutely unnoticed. Very mellow, starts off with light strings and goes on to continue with light tranquillity throughout the song.

5.      Tonight At Ronnie’s

This one’s more or less like the previous tracks, nothing majorly appealing except for the male singer’s sequential drawl that is in a way sexy. Apart from that, the album could have done without this one. A pretty drab way to end a song.

6.      Seams

The composition totally ruins the meaning that the lyrics are trying to convey, which a beautiful feel to it, but the singer and music totally undo the magical effect of the lyrics. On a serious, Louise Aubrie, can you do something about the music, maybe?

7.      In Honour

The song does start off on very promising note, though it does falter mid-way, getting drab just like the previous tracks, the artist somehow manages to make this one distinct from the other tracks, as the songs progresses. Not a bad attempt, at all.

8.      Gold

Arguably, the best song of the album, must say a nice finish to the album. The music is so well composed and the lyrics just accentuate the essence of the song. Wonderfully composed, amazing lyrics, and the acoustics work magically to get to an ending that is perfectly done. The best one so far.

Time honoured Alibi, truth be told, isn’t much of an artist’s piece of work, more of an amateur’s attempt at being mature. Surely, the lyrics are amazing and do reflect the artist’s maturity at that, but music needs great improvisation. Despite, the shortcomings, the last track of the album, sure needs a special mention.

Picks from the album: Who Are You, Circuit, Gold

Album Rating: ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆