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Week #17

The “Songperk” for this week is  a Thrive  by New York based artist  “Steve Katz“.



Steve Katz is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He performs regularly at music venues throughout New York City and Boston. Raised in Belgium, Katz has played guitar since he was 14 years old. “I knew from the very first chord I learned that making music was my calling.”

While growing up in Brussels, Katz was a music junkie and spent countless hours listening to Pink Floyd, Santana, the Eagles and Supertramp—his mother’s favorite band, and an influence for which Katz remains eternally grateful to her. Music stores became his second home and Katz set out on an endless journey of discovering new artists from all genres—a journey that has guided and shaped his own development as a musician today.

Katz has drawn inspiration for his diverse style of music and through his extensive world travels. He has an ongoing love affair with India where he backpacked for much of 2008 and plans to return once his music career affords him the ability to purchase a plane ticket.

Beautiful and rich melodies along with his own distinctive style of guitar work compliment Katz’s soulful voice. His sound can be likened to Cat Stevens, Jose Gonzalez, Damien Rice, David Gray and James Blunt.

Experimenting and creating new melodies are at the heart of Katz’s passion for songwriting and hope, love and existential questions are common themes in his songs.

Steve just finished his first EP “Barricades”.

“His smooth voice and musical versatility are showcased in his songs”

Dana Feldman , Beatweek Magazine


I always say that really good music— the music that is far above the norm— defies genre. These five songs are defiant as hell.” Frank Gutch, Rockandreprise.netreferring to his new EP “Barricades.”


“Make sure if you’re in New York you check out his acoustic set for a great evening out!” Kevin Allen ,songrevelation.com


“His versatility as a songwriter and guitarist truly sets him apart” Darlene Kiloglu, LAmusicblog.com


“Killer stuff”  bobsegarini.wordpress.com


“Steve has an alluring voice that is as simply raw as it is sensuous…None of his songs are at all similar and none of them are lyrically predictable.”   Alysia Stern,spotonli.com


“Barricades can scare, challenge and stop us from achieving goals. They are everywhere and often invisible. I’ve gone through many barricades in my time—physical and emotional ones that stood between me and my goals. Had I failed to go through any of them, this cd would never have been made”- writes Katz on his cd cover.

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