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Review: Playing like a mash up between Fincher and Rodriguez, The Jelly Project’s video for their single “Stupid Animal” is filmed with the style and panache of a 70’s horror film. The heroine is the fierce and lovely Angelica Thomas who launches a verbal tirade on the whacked out standards of society, pulling off the lifeless animal masks that each character embodies.

It is a stirring and visceral song thought crawls along in the verse, then shows its claws and launches into full attack on the beefed up chorus. The vocal has a one off kind of feeling, as if the singer is really suffering from a bout of epilepsy and cant contain the poignant remarks scurrying out of her mouth. Perhaps the lyrics were written before hand, but the off the cuff delivery adds to the urgency and reality of her message.

For a new band, The Jelly Project has been able to carve out its own niche in very little time and claim a serious piece of the indie scene. This is in part because there is no other band really making and saying the things they seem to relish. Their debut album Ugly Dirty is a head buzzing foreigh into the heavy blues. While their canvas is primarily classic rock, there seems to be the promise modern innovation bubbling up.

-Gregory Calempore