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Cast: Ashok Selvan , Janani Iyer , Jayaprakash

Music: Nivas K. Prasanna

Direction : P.Ramesh

Cinematography: Dinesh Krishnan

Lyrics: Kabilan , Kurunchi Prabha

Producers  : C.V.Kumar , C.V.Senthil Kumar


Yaar Ezhudiyadho ★★★★☆

Singer : Sathyaprakash Dharmar

Lyrics : Kabilan

A fresh melody is born from intricate soft rock feel with bass and winds as the accompaniments. Sathyaprakash churns out the best track for himself after a long time. Nivas starts off the album with utmost impact.

Vinmeen Vidhayil ★★★★½

Singer : Abhay Jodhpurkar , Saindhavi

Lyrics : Kabilan

A ravishing track based on Raag Bageshri, performed in neat style by Abhay and Saindhavi  in the background of excellent jazz ensemble consisting of cajon , flute , drums and simple bass patterns. The lead singers sync in uno at the last and soon after hearing , anyone can bet that the listeners will expect the pair in the future.

Kangalai Oru ★★★★☆

Singer : Ajeesh

Lyrics :  Kabilan

Search for divine sound here ! Nivas has done a profound track in an unplugged way with just the strings , piano and winds. Ajeesh keeps his record on a soaring high , but provides a reflection of Unnikrishnan at certain parts. Nevertheless a short , yet consuming one.


Singer : Shankar Mahadevan

Lyrics : Kabilan

Inspirational words and grandeur voice help this flat track and that’s exactly the first thought. But the composer pulls the strings tight for last 3 mins and you can expect  a proper experimental musical shown . The reason why the track stays live is because of this man , Rajesh Vaidhya steers along with his veena.

Neeyum Dhinam★★★★☆

Singer : Andreah Jeremiah

Lyrics :  Kurunchi Prabha

Adele and Bond feel starts to creep in once the number starts to play , giving an insight into the philosophical world  of desire and success. Andreah sets the track and the rest things are assured since cello, electric guitar, resounding bass and the chorus display a hyperbolic performace.

Picks of the album – Every song in the album .. No doubt !!

Bottomline – Despite the un-avoidable fact in the kollywood industry, that all the newbies need to have a regular commercial format for music , this album provides a different outlook al-together. Hats-off to Nivas for delivering so much depth in the songs. He has already stepped into the league of promising music misters.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆