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It was in 2008 when Alecia Beth Moore a.k.a Pink released her last album. Little did she know that when she will release her next album four years later, it will be at the number one spot in billboards 200 chart within the first week of its debut.  The album, ‘The truth about love’ was released on September 14th this year by RCA records. It has 13 songs including the hit single: ‘Blow me’. The playlist lasts about 50 minutes and 56 seconds. The theme of the album is heavily inspired by her much publicized break-up with husband Carey Hart in 2008 or so does the gossip columns say. Coming right down to business, the playlist includes:



Are we all we are? ★★★★☆
Blow me ★★★½☆
Try ★★★★☆
Just give me a reason ★★★½☆
True love ★★★½☆
How come you’re not here? ★★★★☆
Slut like you ★★★★½
The truth about love ★★★★☆
Beam me up ★★★★★
Walk of shame ★★★☆☆
Here comes the weekend (feat. Eminem) ★★★½☆
Where did the beat go? ★★★☆☆
The great escape ★★★★☆


1.Are we all we are?

The album starts off with this track and it will not let you down. The album will seem promising and you will be curious enough to check out the other songs from the album. Pink’s voice is powerful here and the track is power packed. You can definitely imagine yourself infront of the mic and singing this track!

2. Blow me (one last kiss)

This track seems to be influenced by all the indie pop that’s going around presently in the music scene. It’s a fun track anyway. The lyrics are bitter (yes, it’s a break up song) and the music is good too!

3. Try

This third track changes the flow of the album which was pretty agitated uptil now. It picks up a mellower and a softer pace. The lyrics are inspirational (‘’ you gotta get up and try’’) yet sad. The music goes with the lyrics and her voice.

4. Just give me a reason

 The playlist is picking up the pop content slowly. The music is good but the lyrics are really nice. This is the kind of song which I would slowly dance to or stroll to in the park.

5. True love

This fifth number is quite cool. The chorus sounds nice and I like the part where she goes ‘oh oh oh o oh’. The lyrics are nice and her voice is very sweet but strong at the same time. I don’t know how she does that! It’s a good track but may not stay in your playlist for a long time.

6. How come you’re not here?

Pink is picking up the agitation and the swag. Her voice is very powerful and while listening to this track you can imagine Pink doing all those crazy acts she usually does in her videos. Overall, a good track!

7. Slut like you

I love the way this seventh track starts. It starts with Pink mockingly saying: “Oh! I’m not a slut, I just love love’’. I love this track and reminded me of her hit ‘So what!’ The chorus reminded me of Gwen Stefani’s ‘Escape’ for some reason. I will definitely scream along with this song!

8. The truth about love

Dance pop is the word. This track reminded me of a lot of artists. The lyrics are witty and have this dry humour which I like. Music is good but somehow feels tried and old.

9. Beam me up

‘Beam me up, let me be lighter, I’m tired of being a fighter’. The lyrics are really nice and the music is beautiful with country-pop influences.

10. Walk of shame

This track is pretty similar to Blow me. After the last track, this number catches you by surprise. The lyrics and music are average.

11. Here comes the weekend

I’m not a big fan of this track or auto tune. Eminem comes near the end. He is brilliant as usual but this track doesn’t have that punch. The lyrics are average. Tell me what you think of this one?

12. Where did the beat go?

The track is all about cheating and guilt and more love. The lyrics are fine and the music is average, may be because I’m not a big fan of this style.

13. The great escape

Just when I thought Pink will end this album with a power packed track, she came up with this song. This is a slow number with just the piano playing beautifully along with her brilliant voice. The lyrics are powerful and inspirational.

 Verdict: Pink is definitely the misfit of the present pop culture. She is a strong woman and a strong artist. This album does justice to her style and her personality. The album is a compilation of break up songs and inspirational numbers but somehow I can see only the girls liking this album or maybe I am wrong. The album will surprise you at many points and is a musical ride. This album is worth a shot, so do not hesitate to give it a listen, if you already haven’t!


Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆