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This movie is a very famous biopic of the Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. The soundtrack is by Trent Raznor and Atticus Rose. There is lot of “Buzz” surrounding this soundtrack. Lets proceed to find out if the tracks have lived up to it.

The Social Network

The Social Network

Song Name Rating
A Familiar Taste ★★★☆☆
Pieces form the Whole ★★★★☆
Hand covers bruise ★★½☆☆
In the Hall of Mountain King ★★★☆☆
On we March ★★★☆☆
It catches up with you ★★½☆☆
In motion ★★★★½
Eventually we find our way ★★½☆☆
Painted Sun in abstract ★★★★☆
Intriguing Possibilities ★★★★½
Penetration ★★★☆☆
3:14 Every Night ★★★☆☆
Carbon prevails ★★★★☆
Magnetic ★★★½☆
Almost Home ★★★☆☆
Complications with positive Outcome ★★★½☆
Gentle hum of Anxiety ★★★½☆
Soft Trees Break The Fall ★★½☆☆

1.A Familiar Taste:

A very stylish and suave piece where the composer duo have used a lot of technology. The beats are great and you get to hear several strange digital sounds. The Electric guitar distortion feeds this track with a lot of energy and vigour. There is minimal use of orchestration and a lot of technology involved. Nevertheless, a pacy track that does not lose steam throughout the track.

2.Pieces form the whole:

An interesting track, that evokes many moods. Its played during one of the courtroom scenes. It fits the scene like a glove. Its a pensive and an innovative piece. It has got a distinct bass. As the song progresses you get to notice several deep layers that are woven into this piece.Fantastic stuff.

3.Hand Covers Bruise:

Starts Off with a Mellow sounding Piano that creates a pensive and a contemplative mood. Its a slow and a situational track that has a weird “Bee-buzz” type of sound accompanying it throughout the course of the track.Not a great track, but it may go well with the scene.

4.In the Hall of Mountain King:

This one starts off with a Synth that is sure to attract the listeners. Its got a good and a different tune to it. Slowly as the track progresses additional layers are added to it and the tempo of the track accelerates to a break-neck speed. Again several synthesised

sounds are employed to great effect. This duo seem to have a penchant for technology. Nevertheless, Its a good track. Not great though.

5.On we march:

The song starts with soft beats. This song is for the most part an amalgamation of the bass and thepiano. An interesting track, that has several catchy moments.

6.It catches up with you:

It starts off with a gentle piano. This track never really takes off but thankfully the instruments gradually pitch in providing much needed relief. Nothing great about this track. TIll now this soundtrack is turning out to be an average affair.

7.In motion:

Just when I thought this soundtrack was getting kinda monotonous, Here comes a stunner of a track. It starts off in stylish fashion. Its got a peppy tune to it. The beats really complement the music very well. Has several catchy and fascinating sounds. There is a great verve to this track. It just gets better as the track progresses. A very youthful and an effervescent track, that has several noteworthy moments. Its strength lies in its energy and instruments. You get to hear a plethora of various sounds that combine beautifully to create a great impact on the listener. The composer duo have literally played with sounds which results in a highly enjoyable experience. Hats Off Trent Raznor and Atticus Rose. Pick of the album.

8.Eventually we find our way:

Weird Track. You get to hear several synthesised sounds. There is a sort of a creepy and a dark sound being played at the background. Its a mysterious track that might be purely situational. Nothing  different or absorbing about this track.

9.Painted Sun in abstract:

It starts of well with nice and easy chord progressions. Various instruments are amalgamated an this results in an enchantingly beautiful track. The bass is vibrant and the instruments used really add to the track. Great track.

10.Intriguing possibilities:

One word: Haunting.Again, a gala beginning to the track. The beats are naughty and the chord progression is nice. Its a racy track that catches the attention of the listeners to the very end. This is a dramatic piece in the sense that  there are several stunning variations in sound that is bound to enchant and captivate the listeners. Addictive stuff. Pick of the album along with “In motion”.


A situational track, Its got a meditative feel to it. Good use of guitar and piano. A pretty short track.

12.3:14 Every Night:

Creepy track with some really weird sounds. Its a mysterious and a spooky track which revels in its murkiness.Weird stuff.

13.Carbon prevalils:

A very fresh and different track that has a got a very different and unconventional sound to it. Guitar has been used expertly used. You get to hear a variety of new and innovative sounds. The piano kicks in during the middle and that really transforms this track from a good track to a great track. A Great techno track, yet again.


This one lives up to its name. Its an amazing creation. Its a deep and again a very different piece from Trent Raznor and Atticus Rose. But it somewhat ends abruptly. This soundtrack is starting to get better and better.

15.Almost Home:

Finally we get to hear a track thats low on technology. Its a simple piece which is somewhat repetitive but nevertheless creates a withdrawn and reflective mood in contrast to the high-pounding racy tracks of this album.

16.Complications with positive Outcome:

An enjoyable track. Loved every bit of it.The whole progression of the piece is delightful. The instrumentation is a big plus in this track.

17.The gentle hum of anxiety:

A simple track that makes you feel a tad uneasy. Going by the title,that was the objective, I believe. The chord progressions are really good. Its a melancholic number which is also beautiful.

18.Soft Trees break the fall:

Its a soft and a simple piece. Nothing different or great about this track. But its mellifluous and soothing, which exudes a sense of tranquil.


“The Social Network” is an astonishingly different soundtrack that comes as a whiff of fresh air in this era where movie scores have become synonymous with grand orchestration. One has the appreciate the originality and the boldness of the composers to have created such a different sounding album.There is a generous dose of technology which is justified by the nature of the movie though. While there are some “weak” and ordinary tracks there are some very original and innovative pieces like “Pieces form the whole”, “In motion”, “Painted Sun in abstract”, “Intriguing possibilities” etc. If I were to put my money on an album that would make the cut in this year’s Academy awards I would bet on “The Social Network”. Their music is so “Out of the box”. But having said that Its up against the likes of “Inception”, “King’s speech”,”127 hrs”, so the competition is fierce.

Album ★★★★☆