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Muse released its fifth studio album “The Resistance” on september 2009 and the EP was released on April 2010. It topped the album charts in more than 19 countries and stayed at number 3 on the Billboard 200 chart for quite sometime! The album beats its precusor “Black Holes And Revelations” in relative album sales. The first single “Uprising” was released as a soundtrack to the movie Knights and Days. Later “Uncontrollabe Desires” and “Resistance” too were released as singles and each of them. The band won their 1st Grammy at the 53rd Grammy Awards for “The Resistance” as the best rock album.

Album ★★★★☆

Song Rating
Uprising ★★★★½
Resistance ★★★½☆
Undisclosed Desires ★★★☆☆
United States Of Eurasia(+ Collateral Damage) ★★★★☆
Guiding Light ★★★½☆
Unnatural Selection ★★★☆☆
MK Ultra ★★★☆☆
I Belong To You ★★★½☆
Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1 ★★★☆☆
Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2 ★★★½☆
Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3 ★★★☆☆

As it starts the album is lyrically a love letter from the 1980’s a guy writing to his fiancee. The message imbibed in this album is that any love forbidden against all evens and although in a state of dystopia will triumph eventually! Lyrics such as “my giuding lightning bolt” show behind all the musical folly is just a guy who is madly in love with a beautiful woman! The albums feels resolutely human throughout.

The barrage of drums from Dom Howard and the bass from Chris add texture to the album.Desoluting the subtle statement of “Knights of Cydonia” for something a little more, well, out there, United States of Eurasia sends memories of George Orwell’s 1984 through the filter of Bohemian Rhapsody with a shamelessness that would make Mika blush. And while the “political” dimension to Matt Bellamy’s lyrics owes more to David Icke than to Noam Chomsky, the transcendent absurdity of Muse’s music is actually the perfect complement to the half-arsed internet conspiracy theories that seem to be his staple diet.

The Resistance is “about” anything, other than the conceptual idle words encoded in the lyrics, it’s about mastery and ego-security It’s the kind of all-caps, no half-stepping ALTERNATIVE-ROCK that closes with a three-part mini-epic so unblushing about its own classic rock bigness that it’s labeleld as a “Symphony”, complete with “Overture”.

Matt Bellamy the frontman of Muse is one of those crackheads who believe that The Twin Tower bombing was an inside job and presumably many other terrorist attacks according to them are no planned operations by islamic terorists but by a shady group compromising of the MI6, CIA ,etc! But such qualities like a credulous conspiracy theorist is what rock needs now!

1. Uprising

The chorus of the opening song “They will not force us,They will stop degrading us” gives an intent needed for “The Resistance”. It is accompanied by an emphatic combination of bass and drums. Quite an intimidating start to the album.


The song starts with paranormal instrumental sounds. We can see that the band has been influenced a lot by Queen especially Matt Bellamy sounds like he is singing with Freddie when he songs the chorus “It could be wrong”.

3.Undisclosed Desires

A love song that sounds so sinister which brings bak the 1980’s retro style music, but all emphasis is strongly placed on Matt’s vocals and lyrics.He goes, at times in the song, like he’s trying to court a demon. “You maybe a sinner, but your innocence is mine,” “I want to reconcile the violence in your heart.”

4. United States Of Eurasia(+ Collateral Damage)

I have to admit it over here , it sounds a lot like the Queens, but a commendable effort to satisy a stadium audience and focus on the song’s haunting and Arabian sounding breakdowns. Bellamy once again proves himself to be an attained pianist.

5.Guiding Light

This track suddenly inclines the pace of the album with hard hitting drum beats and faster bass lines! The lead singer’s melodic guitar riff in the song’s breakdown contains elements of The Edge, before he and the track erupts into another collosal Rock riff .

6.Unnatural Selection

The song starts with what sounds like a supernal church organ and transforms into a driving full throttle song which at times even leaves the lead singer gasping for air and the song momentarily breaks down for a guitar solo then the pace picks up again!

7.MK Ultra

A symphony from the band in the album this song gives a proper introduction the band’s classical influences! The track’s hurried tempo is broken up with an ethereal guitar riff with trademark psychadelia and sing along hooks!

8.I Belong To You

Again the song piano filled intro is a clear show off the 1980’s influence in the song so it becomes cliche. As the tracks on the album, this song features another instrumental breakdown, Bellamy showcases some of his best French. Piano and drums return at the song’s conclusion.

9.Exogenesis: Symphony Part 1

The first track of the album’s concluding 3 part symphony that evokes the orchestral sounds by Gustav,The Planets, which is apt for the band who appear to have cracked the outer-forces of space at times on ‘The Resistance’. Bellamy sings with elongated breaths of air and a long and powerful guitar solo emerges from quite the distance.

10.Exogenesis: Symphony Part 2

This second part features a more piano led intro with a solo from the band’s lead singer.The indusiveness is soon broken, into an elaborate, drum-powered second third. It’s yet further evidence that Muse seem determined to challenge each other on every musical level.

11.Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3

The track concludes in a fittingly Muse-like way. Following another orchestral intro, the song builds into an affective and epic chorus where Bellamy and Wolstenholme share vocals in the song. The band then take their foot off the pedal as the song and the album comes to an end.

It’s diagnostic of the album as a whole is that its conceptually impressive but musically all too familiar. The Resistance” isn’t perfect by any means, and some of its flaws are quite large. There’s not as many memorable songs as, say, “Origin of Symmetry”, but the album flows along like a classical work of album rock bombast. And while not their best, it’s decent enough to ensure there’ll be more – even though the truly off-the-wall moments are either rare or misguided, meaning the record feels slightly anonymous. They wanted to craft a gigantic over-the-top progressive rock album, and whether it goes down as a flop or masterpiece is frivolous. Muse still sound like themselves, they gave fair warning that the album would be absolutely ridiculous, and sound like something from 1980s.