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Band: A Primitive Evolution

Genre: Alternative Rock, Blues Rock


Brett Carruthers – Vocals and Guitars

Stephany Seki – Bass, Cello and Vocals

Stu Dead – Drums and Percussion

Production: John Wozniak and A Primitive Evolution

A band just around 6 years in the making, ‘A Primitive Evolution’ has made a considerable mark already in the ‘Alternative Rock’ genre around the world. Their first album, A.P.E, an abbreviation to the band nomenclature, sparked quite a buzz, especially because of their theme, of a rough blend of horror and love, in a rock format. The band returned with their second album, ‘The Prize’ in September, 2012, and as simple as the name sounds, it remains to critique the set, track by track.

a primitive evolution

Track Rating
Lord of Reason ★★★★☆
Show Me ★★★½☆
I Feel It All
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Won’t Let You Down ★★★★½
Falling Far Behind ★★★½☆
Dead End ★★★★½
The Prize ★★★★☆
Coming and Going ★★★★☆
Train Wreck ★★★½☆
We Are Lost ★★★★½

Album Analysis:

1. Lord of Reason

The eeriness with which the track starts, plunges you down into a strange land straight on. After a bit of silence, then the mood entirely shifts to modern rock. The vocals are pretty much like the usual rock tracks around, but what charms you the most is that blend of guitar and beats, reminding you somehow of the MJ era. The guitar work after that is marvelous.

2.Show Me

Much like the first track, the guitar is what is to be commended deeply here. But the mood here is more violent, as opposed to a bit of elevation in the previous. It doesn’t tend to metal as such, but the song would comfortably suit a metal genre as well. Vocals deserve a bit more credit here, for the variations brought about in the slang and style.

3.I Feel It All

It has a quieter start in comparison and takes a light road up the hill, with soothing vocals. Good beats and supporting guitar. But, the mood is what is best about this song. As is said in the title, the song does make you feel it inside you to an extent, on keen listening. The solo guitar portions, although not entirely novel, gives you the ‘involved’ feel, as is the drum buildup before the chorus.

4.Won’t Let You Down

The beginning beat is highly catchy and you won’t get the feel of a pure rock. That is basically because it is not. It is a bit of melody-induced composition with a particular groove, which is maintained throughout the track. A bit on the softer side compared to the others, this one is thoroughly enjoyable, and it might have been customized for someone who looks for a variation in rock.

5.Falling Far Behind

This one is also not a typical rock song as such. In fact, you do wonder whether it is rock at all. But , since A.P.E is branded as ‘Blues Rock’ as well, it fits in. But, as far the appeal of the track goes, it is merely a bit above average, with over utilized styles and tunes, with a very easy and careless singing style.

6.Dead End

A track with a slower beat than its counterparts, ‘Dead End’ is as powerful as its name suggests. All the aspects of the song have to be commended very much for the effect they transfer to a listener. This is a most suited song to be rendered, as a lubricant, after a couple heavy and fast rock tracks. A good one!

7.The Prize

Like the title track, this one presents a very slow pace, with stylish rendering. Although not exceptional all that much, the track does have a very good charm. This one is the best example of a reliever, after a couple of noisy tracks during a rock concert, to which the entire audience would wave their hands or move in unison.

8.Coming and Going

This is a slow, but heavy composition. The decrease of pace does not hamper the effect much, as it is as effective as if it were fast. Well rendered vocals and effective drumming are the key highlights of this track, which serves as a dish well-served.

9.Train Wreck

‘Train Wreck’ is a track

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which picks on sudden impact and its effects. Right from the beginning itself, the song takes on a synchronized commotion mood, which rises slowly with the use of effective vocals. It takes minute stops in between, but they work out for the good only. Although the tune takes a little criticism, overall the song is good for its instrumentals.

10.We Are Lost

As the name suggests, the song has tried to incorporate that feeling of being lost figuratively. You can almost paint a mental picture of a hunt for something in a dark and barren environment. And it is quite successful in it as well. The repetition of the chorus brings in a very mysterious and moody feeling. And it is hands down great!

Overall, this album is great, and has a difference in style attributed to it. Although branded as rock, it is not entirely the kind you would expect. It is more tune-oriented in many tracks which will give you an altogether different feel from what you would actually expect at a rock concert. The stylish vocals and the novel style take the album a tad higher than its counterparts and although you won’t feel the difference much when you listen, the uniqueness strikes in, when you contemplate!

Picks from the Album: I Feel It All, Won’t Let You Down, Dead End, We Are Lost.

Verdict: Give it some time and it will be different.

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆