Band Name-Godsmack

Album Name-The Oracle

I first heard that Godsmack opened for Metallica a few years ago, and figured they’d be pretty good (Duh it’s Metallica we’re talking about here). And ever since that, I’ve been a big fan of Sully Erna and his boys. The band continues to amaze, coming out with their fifth studio album. First listen and I’m in love with it.

As we all know Godsmack to be that in-your-face aggressive kinda band and they live up to that name. They don’t try and reinvent themselves, cause they don’t have that sort of talent, but they have that talent of writing metal songs that will bury themselves in the listener’s ears. The album is mainly a compilation of short bursts of aggression all acting as a sounding board for Sully Erna’s roar.

The Oracle

The Oracle

Song Rating
Cryin’ like a bitch ★★★☆☆
Saints and Sinners ★★★½☆
War and Peace ★★☆☆☆
Love-Hate-Sex-Pain ★★★★☆
What If? ★★★½☆
Devil’s Swing ★★★½☆
Good Day to Die ★★★★☆
Forever Shamed ★★★☆☆
Shadow of a Soul ★★★☆☆
The Oracle ★★★½☆

1.Cryin’ like a bitch – The opening song is loud, aggressive and angry, and as always Sully Erna takes out his anger on his writing pad using his pen and vocal chords as his weapons. Tony Rambola impresses with the 6-string and Shannon Larkin has always banged his drums and made music that will blow your ears out.

2.Saints and Sinners – The original title for the album, Shannon is simply amazing with his drums. Sully Erna’s monstrous vocals make this a must listen to. A simple but catchy riff carries the song. In short, vintage Godsmack I must say.

3.War and Peace – Not quite Godsmack at their best; some might say they’ve heard this kinda stuff a hundred times before. The song is held by a single riff and not a very good one at that either. I was quite stunned at this song and went sort of “Ok it was awesome all this while.. Why this?”

4.Love-Hate-Sex-Pain – After the “war and peace” catastrophe, Sully Erna does exceedingly well to get the listener involved again. Tony Rambola conjures up a magical performance; quite awesome I have to say, the way Sully Erna changes the pitch of his voice is just too good.

5.What If? – A slow intro sets the pace for the song; Tony Rambola tries to improvise but ok maybe not upto the level of greats like Petrucci or Hammett. An Amazonian jungle sounding beat plays in the back while Rambola continues to get better at what he does. A catchy rhythm; it may sound monotonous but good stuff I have to say.

6.Devil’s Swing – “Ok why does this sound like a party song?” was the first question that came into my head. Different from what you’d have heard from Godsmack, but amazing stuff from Tony Rambola I must say. The band has done exceedingly well at having gotten together to write their songs for this album.

7.Good Day to Die – I’d have to say this is best song in the album. The intro sounds like Iron Maiden or Pantera I’d have to say but Rambola has certainly upped the ante. The song then suddenly makes a transition into a jackhammer like riff; again typical Godsmack, before plunging headfirst into a momentum shifting chorus.

8.Forever Shamed – Ok I’d have probably told myself this a hundred times, but Sully Erna needs to be thrown into a mental asylum. But then I wouldn’t be able to write this review if that were the case so I take my words back. Yet I have to say the guy is a bag of wonders with his song writing skills. Shannon Larkin’s monstrous beats fall in perfect sync with Rambola’s churning riffs.

9.Shadow of a Soul – A fusion of military sounding beats and distorted guitars and basslines and Sully erna’s vocals makes your heart rate shoot up. Rambola comes up with a brilliant solo.

10.The Oracle – A spooky intro to the title track of the album; it holds the listener in suspense of what is to come; as Rambola yet again impresses with that thing in his hand with 6 long things. A catchy riff follows as Rambola continues his run, with yet another mind-blowing performance.


If you expected Godsmack to experiment with this album, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. There are people going around saying metal music is dying out, but to all those day-dreamers around all I have to say is that Sully Erna and his boys have made that blasphemy look like a kid who wet his pants in class.

Album rating – ★★★½☆