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Artist : The Lumineers

Genre : Alternative rock, Folk rock, Indie folk, Country Folk

Label : Dualtone, Decca


The album name is the same as the band name. Well, that is not very usual, is it? Or, it might be that it is usual, but unlike many other albums whose title themes the entire track set(or at least, claims to), this one does not give out any clue about what lies inside. High on secret? Is it worth it? Read through to find out.

Track Rating
Flowers in Your Hair ★★★☆☆
Classy Girls ★★★★☆
Submarines ★★★★☆
Dead Sea ★★★★½
Ho Hey ★★★½☆
Slow it Down ★★★½☆
Stubborn Love ★★★★☆
Big Parade ★★★½☆
Charlie Boy ★★★★½
Flapper Girl ★★★½☆
Morning Song ★★★★☆


Album Analysis :-

1.Flowers in Your Hair

Yes, there is guitar. Yes, there are vocals, or rather, a soliloquy. But, the guitar takes more or less, a two-level road, while the vocals take high off-road. Try coalescing both, and you will fail in a good probability. The distinction between two is clear in the first half, but as the song starts to pick up pace, they get closer more and more. Still, it is nothing extraordinary, but at the end of the day, it isn’t bad either.

2.Classy Girls

Even this is much like a soliloquy or a dedication sort and not much different in mood from the previous one. But, this one seems to have a binding force which the previous one did not possess. The lyrics are sweet and charming. The guitar work is awesome and the vocals turn out to be marvelous by the end, even if they felt ridiculous initially, at least to some. A good one.


Judging by the tune, this one is far richer than previous one. Nice piano work throughout which sets the base line. The drums/beats are used at the right places to give that feeling of elevation, which is then continued on by the vocals, until the next beat appears. In short, the vocals and the drums carry the song forward, in alternation, on the road set by the piano. Nice one!

4.Dead Sea

Nice start, must say. That itself will fill your mind with curiosity, as to what awaits. You will feel at times, that the momentum goes down a bit, but, you are revived at the next moment. With the beats coming in, the song successfully maintains the momentum which the start gave. But, the drawback arises when the vocals seem to be monotonous, with the same tune over and over again. That seems to take the shine a bit down. But, that is not enough reason to condemn the song, which is clear from the way the song picks up after a silence towards the end. Good!

5.Ho Hey

A single from the album, the words for which you would wait on and on, are the title words “Ho” and “Hey”. In fact, those two are the only spots in the track, which give it some novelty. Else, there is nothing much to talk about in the track, rather than usual guitar and the monotony in the voice. Still, you won’t be bored.

6.Slow it Down

Well, unlike the title, the tracks seem to give a clue, as to what the song is like. The track is clearly a stark contrast from the previous tracks with regard to the pace. But, due to the slow pace, the vocals stand out without competition. But, that is ironically, a mole on the skin, since at points, you feel like the singer is just shouting and all the notes go wrong. Well, whether that is right or wrong, that feeling gets carried on. The song started well, but the vocalist should have taken better care to modulate his voice accordingly.

7.Stubborn Love

A great start with the instrumentals. The elegance is evident. It hovers around for the remaining part of the song and the vocals have done a much better work, in comparison to the previous track. It has a good mood, a

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good pace and good rendition. Overall, a good song.

8.Big Parade

The track is not bad, but it feels like the artist was trying desperately to make this track different. The voice modulations don’t seem to be at the right places and they seem unnecessary at the places, they are right now. But, as with many previous tracks, this one does good, as it picks up the pace with fast guitar and beats. Towards the end of the song, you do feel good with the guitar going on and on, according to the beats, reminding you of a countryside party.

9.Charlie Boy

The best aspect of this track is that, it resembles a nursery rhyme very much on a very slow pace, with just enough instrumentals – no more, no less. It is sung, as it would be sung to a little kid,( or at least, it feels so) giving enough time for a line and between the lines. A great track, with all good ingredients in the right proportions. Perhaps the best in the album!

10.Flapper Girl

It’s more or less the usual kind of song. The normal kind of singing, with lyrics going with it. But, the solo instrumental pieces are very alluring, right after which the same vocals seem to be very nice. It’s a clever play of psychology, although indirectly, and that’s what makes this song enjoyable. It is not the greatest, but it is a decently good one.

11.Morning Song

Powerful start, unlike most others in the list, which gives the impression of a great musical episode following it. It does come, but you have to wait till the very end for vocals and instrumentals to nicely mix in. Until then, it’s just the vocals with minimum instrumentals construing the atmosphere. It is refreshing, much like the title, and lives up to its name. A good one.


Most of the songs in the album follow a definitive pattern. Being silent in the first half and activity-filled in the second. Every artist has his or her own views and methods of music, but such an approach can be detrimental, if not properly taken care of, in that, the listener might lose interest if the song so slow and monotonous in the first half, and may not wait for the second. Monotony is something to be avoided, and although they have failed at certain places, ‘The Lumineers’ have a good success rate. It’s a nice album on the whole.


Picks from the album : Dead Sea, Charlie Boy

Verdict : Good. A spark of uniqueness does exist.

Album Rating : ★★★★★★★★☆☆