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Album: The Found King

Artist: B-Bless

Genre: Rap, Rock, Pop

B-Bless, born as a son of African King, has made his way into the Rap world with good mix of African and American music. His first presence into music world came in as a member of Group ‘Paperchase Clique’. During his time with the group he has been on many road trips. With his first album he is set to go solo, trying to make a new identity. Bless’ first album – ‘The Found King’ has hit the store recently in the digital market. He expects his first album to be a path finder and beginning of his journey to make it big in the rap world. It is to be seen if his first battle gets him the fame and name that he is looking for.


Song Rating
Let It Go ★★★½☆
She Lookin Good ★★★★☆
The Found King ★★★☆☆
What We Call Life ★★★½☆

Album Analysis:

1. Let It Go

The first song of the album starts off with a deep note, with beats backing up bass guitar giving a deep, hard and rusty feel. The tempo increases on his fast, catchy rap, rhyming with the words convincingly to make it a good party number. However, it does strike similarity with Bad meets Evil singer Ryan Montgomery. This dark, fast Rap number marks a good start to his debut album.

2. She Lookin Good

‘She is lookin good’, is a retro style rap number. B-Bless sets the mood by praising and describing about women in a passionate way. The arrangement deserves credit but pitch timing falls short at some places. Could have been better but still the best in the pack.

3. The Found King

The title song of this album, touted to be the best rather turns questionable! Right from the first note the tempo of the song is slow, the rap fluctuates in different pitch and music seems out of sync. While the keyboard gives a larger than life feel to the song, the rap struggles. Though the singer describes his battles in life and finding his lost throne, there is still a missing link between the music and the Rap.

4. What We Call Life

‘What we call life’ is one of those party songs. The music starts off slow and the rap keeping the tempo slow as well. The music and the rap blends really well making it

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enjoyable. Ending it short might have just worked for B-Bless.

Album Verdict: Lacks the finish but promising

Album Rating: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆