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Producer : Alan Silvestri

Label : Hollywood/Marvel Music

Recorded : Abbey Road Studios


This Magnum Opus of Marvel, was a very awaited and anticipated one, with the introduction of the major characters having happened in previous movies. The movie even exceeded all its expectations when it grew into a huge blockbuster and one of the biggest in recent times. Much of the success of the movie was also attributed to the heroic music which accompanies the movie in many scenes. On to the analysis of the very same :-

Track Rating
Live to Rise ★★★½☆
I’m Alive ★★★★½
Dirt and Roses ★★★★☆
Even If I Could ★★★★½
Unbroken ★★★★☆
Breath ★★★★½
Comeback ★★★★☆
Into the Blue ★★★½☆
A New Way to Bleed ★★★★☆
Count Me Out ★★★★☆
Wherever I Go ★★★★☆
From Out of Nowhere ★★★★½
Shake the Ground ★★★★½


Soundtrack Analysis :-

1.Live to Rise

Artist :Soundgarden

The guitar work of the track is amazing. Takes you to a whole new groove level. But, the vocals seem to be pretty normal and easy, with no substance as such. Maybe, it is all in the exceptional charm of the instrumentals on the whole, but except on the chorus, the vocals seem to be pretty normal.


2.I’m Alive

Artist :Shinedown

As the name suggests, you do feel a lot alive, when you listen to this. There is not a moment, when you feel low. Either the instrumentals or the vocals or both keep you on the elated level always. Great beats, although monotonous, but effective guitars and powerful singing make it a great track!


3.Dirt and Roses

Artist : Rise Against

It is almost like an entire death metal track, but not core as such. The vocals are very strong and energized with a guitar work, much like the previous track, but the over-zeal of the track sometimes cuts down on the appeal with vocals going a bit too wayward in tone. Other than that, it is a completely zealous track!


4.Even If I Could

Artist : Papa Roach

Bits here and there reflect Daft Punk’s work on Tron : Legacy. At this point, it starts to get a bit difficult to distinguish the tracks, since all of them are characterized by powerful singing and great vocals. The monotony strikes a small negative chord by this time, but as a stand-alone, this track might be one of the best in the entire album.



Artist : Black Veil Brides

It feels a bit dull, when the vocals start in the beginning, but soon it catches up to a fantastic pace. The instrumentals kiss the skies throughout in musical excellence, with the vocals dangling a bit below it. If it weren’t for that small gap, this would have been the best track of the OST.



Artist : Scott Weiland

A change in pace – that’s relaxing! The track gets a bit slower compared to the previous tracks, but has every charm in it. The vocals are amazing and suiting, with all the right variations in the right places, with nice support with the instruments. The drum beats are especially good at pickup spots from a silence. A great track overall.



Artist :Redlight King

Instrumentals?Great.Vocals?Fabulous. The only slightly weak point to be pointed out is the beginning of the chorus, when the vocals stop for a second after the keyword ‘comeback’, while the instrumentals roll on. It might have been a purposeful effort for the echo effect , but doesn’t quite strike it. But, overall, an awesome track!


8.Into the Blue

Artist : Bush

The pace picks back up, but it isn’t as powerful as the previous tracks were. Goes on a more or less monotonous pace, and the chorus does not give a stark difference with the rest of the song, except for a surge in instrumentals. It is not a bad track, but comparatively, it definitely scores less.


9.A New Way to Bleed

Artist : Evanescence

Evanescence’s voice is so powerful and mystical that a trance starts almost instantly, as soon as the vocals start. Great modulation and power in singing, coupled with the trance-kind of instrumentals as well is a great support to the appeal of the song, and ends up at an impressive track altogether.


10.Count Me Out

Artist : Pusher Jones

Starts rather slowly, and suddenly moves into a form of death metal. Take care of your ears! As in any death metal, the guitar work and the drums are awesome. Apart from that sudden jerk on to the shout, everything about the vocals is also pretty fine, although it is not the best in the list.


11.Wherever I go

Artist :Buckcherry

It’s again one of those powerful vocals and awesome guitar songs in the beginning, but slows down into much like the Evanescence track a little into the track. The chorus and the rest of the song is clearly distinguishable because of this fact and that makes the song a great listen!


12.From Out of Nowhere

Artist : Five Finger Death Punch

Highly powerful, which will knock you off your feet – both instrumentals and vocals. It’s like the previous power tracks on a notch higher. Maybe a little headbanging won’t hurt hurt at all, to enjoy this track to the fullest. Great feel and strength.


13.Shake the Ground

Artist : Cherri Bomb

The beginning is quick to remind you a bit about the ‘Swat Kats’ introduction music. Suddenly it is taken to a great level with female vocals leading the pack. The fact that a female is singing

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the song adds its own charm to the track in a varied version of power. It is completely worth it !


Overall, the OST is a completely power-packed one which can form an entire rock concert on stage, in the most perfect sense. Most of the songs are enriched with zeal and the impetus required to drive any music lover to a fanatic euphoria. The OST is worth every single second you donate to listen to it and each track almost outshines the previous one, ultimately leaving you in a dilemma as to which one to pick as the best one.

Picks from the album : I’m Alive, Even If I Could, Breath, From Out of Nowhere, Shake the Ground

Verdict : Great. Worth it, especially for a rock fan.

Album ★★★★★★★★½☆