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Cast : Vijay, Sathyaraj, Amala Paul, Santhanam, Suresh, Nassar, Abhimanyu Singh, Ragini Nandwani, Manobala

Music : GV Prakash Kumar

Story : A. L Vijay

Editing : Antony

Cinematography : Nirav Shah

Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

Screenplay : A. L Vijay

Direction : A. L Vijay


        Track Name     Singers    Rating
Tamil Pasanga  Benny Dayal, Sheezay, PSYCHO unit ★★★½☆
Yaar Indha Saalai Oram  GV Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi ★★★★☆
Vaanganna Vanakkanganna  Vijay, Santhanam ★★★½☆
Sol Sol  Vijay Prakash, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Megha ★★★☆☆
Thalaivaa Thalaivaa  Haricharan, Pooja Vaidyanath ★★½☆☆
The Ecstacy of Dance  Instrumental  ★★★★☆
Thalaivaa Theme  Instrumental  ★★★☆☆

 Tamil Pasanga

Singers : Benny Dayal, Sheezay, PSYCHO unit

Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

First things first ! This song is all set to have some breath taking moves which is quite clear from the way the interludes have been shaped. The rap portions are quite catchy too. Benny Dayal seems to have had a field day in this song & Na. Muthukumar’s lyrics are fresh as ever. Traces of auto-tuning could have been avoided but nevertheless, an energetic start to the album.

Yaar Indha Saalai Oram

Singers : GV Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi

Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

The sole romantic number in the album ! GV Prakash usually scores in such romantic numbers & the tradition continues in ‘Yaar Indha Saalai’ too. The lead vocal pair of GV Prakash-Saindhavi have delivered yet another pleasant rendition. The cello-violin interlude sounds very classy. By a mile, the best song of the album !

Vaanganna Vanakkanganna

Singers : Vijay, Santhanam

Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

The album’s chartbuster ! ‘Vaanganna Vanakkanganna’ is a soup song featuring vocals of Vijay & dialogue exchanges with Santhanam. The tune is pretty simple & the idea is very clear – to entertain. Vijay does well with his singing & is all set to be the radio favorite song of the season. Youngsters & fans are certainly going to love this.

Sol Sol

Singers : Vijay Prakash, Abhay Jodhpurkar, Megha

Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

‘Sol Sol’ is a fast paced dance number loaded with electronic synth beats & techno-ish arrangements. The instrumentation & arrangements sound too western & generic. Vijay Prakash & Abhay Jodhpurkar(‘Kadal’ fame) are precise in their rendition & Megha isn’t far behind too. It is very difficult to develop a liking for this song instantly but the song indeed gets better with every second hearing.

The Ecstacy of Dance


A pan flute instrumental ! GV has always been good with such instrumentals right from his Mayakkam Enna, Madarasapattinam days. This one has enough scope to exhibit some classy dance movies. As the track progresses, it develops into the base of ‘Yaar Indha Salai Oram’ & is very impressive albeit a short one.

Thalaivaa Thalaivaa

Singers : Haricharan, Pooja Vaidyanath

Lyrics : Na. Muthukumar

Misses the punch ! ‘Thalaivaa Thalaivaa’ sounds as if the whole aim was to recreate the classic Ilaiyaraja’s ‘Thalapathy Thalapathy’. The lyrics sound jaded & the interludes, arrangements all sound too similar to the above mentioned. Not the type of song which you’d listen without visuals. Pooja follows up her ‘Tum Tak’ with another impressive rendition.  Didn’t work for me !

Thalaivaa Theme


Thalaivaa Theme is the very music which was seen/heard accompanying the trailer of the movie. Loaded with chants of ‘Thalaivaa’, the theme music is expected to be used in most parts of the re-recording.

Picks of the album : Yaar Indha Saalai, Tamil Pasanga, Vanganna Vanakanganna

Album Verdict : a good mix of foot tapping numbers !

Album Rating : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆