Album : Temple of  Thought

Band : Poets of the fall

The rock band, Poets of the fall was founded in the year 2003, and even after eleven years down the line, they are still the most well known Finnish band. Their debut single being Late goodbye followed by Lift was well appreciated by the audience. Having won awards like – ‘Fresh newcomer of the year 2004’, ‘Best newcomer of the year’,’Best debut album of the year’, they have established themselves in the music industry not only in Finland but all over the world. Since then there has been no looking back for them. Quite a few of their tracks have been used in various video games and that is how a lot of people around the world were introduced to this band. Their albums have never failed to impress the audience and their fifth studio album ‘Temple of thought’ consisting of eleven tracks, was released on 21st march 2012, which left the audience asking for more.

Lets have a detailed look at how this album fares –

  Song name   Rating
Running out of time ★★★★☆
Temple of thought ★★★★☆
Cradled in love ★★★★½
Kamikaze love ★★★½☆
The lie eternal ★★★★☆
Skin ★★★★☆
The Distance ★★★★☆
Show me this life ★★★½☆
Morning Tide ★★★★☆
The ballad of Jeremiah peacekeeper ★★★½☆
The Happy song ★★★★☆

 1. Running out of time

What an energetic melody to start off an album with. It is the shortest track in the album but after listening to it, you would  wish this song never ends. How difficult it is to let go a person with whom you have been so attached to, can be clearly pictured in this track through their lyrics.

 2. Temple of thought

A splendid love song! The tune along with the beauteous wordings is capable of putting you in a      state of tranquility, you can’t help but lose yourself completely in the track.

3. Cradled in love

It’s the lead single of the album which was released in January of this year and is still running hot on the charts. The tune is quite different from the other tracks since this one starts off soft in beginning and later you will get to hear bits of guitar here and there. Marko’s voice is so very comforting and pleasing to hear. His voice gives this track a perfect touch which is required. No wonder, it’s the vocals and not the tune which dominates this track! It surely is one of the best tracks in the album!

4. Kamikaze love

A robust track compared to the previous ones in the album. Kamikaze love is about a love which is rash and unstable! In other words it talks about the bitter- sweet aspect of love. It’s not a song which you would like at first maybe because it seems like just another usual rock song from the band, nothing different about it. It’s just the wordings which will make you appreciate the song.

5. The lie eternal

You can’t help but praise the guitarist’s skill in this particular track. It’s not the typical rock music for which you would like to head bang on! Yes, it has ponderous guitar work yet it is very serene to listen to. Accompanied with the vocals it’s an impeccable song!.

6. Skin

This is another track which talks about the darker side of love! The pain of loss and the emotional blow one undergoes when they lose their loved one is depicted wonderfully especially in this particular line “I couldn’t heal myself with time alone, I have you tattooed on my skin’. Backed up with a melancholy tune, it provides an extra dose of grief. For people who have been through similar situation as depicted in the song, you can relate to this very well.

7. The Distance

It’s astonishing how the band is able to compose tracks with so much creativity and simplicity. This one is fast paced and you will love how the beats of the track can lighten up the mood and the atmosphere even though the lyrics talk about an unfulfilled desire to be with the one you love!

8. Show me this life

Somehow this track falls out of place compared to the other tracks in the album. It’s a nice song, no doubt about it but when you are listening to the album which has some great tracks to offer, this one fails. The best part of the track is the music towards the end, absolutely electrifying!

9. Morning tide

The wordings of the track seem like they’ve been taken right out of Nicholas Spark books! In the sense,  the wordings are incredibly romantic and sweet, just like the ones you will find in his books. Backed up with the music, it creates a gloomy ambience which you can’t seem to escape.

10. The ballad of Jeremiah peacekeeper

It’s an intensely picturesque track! Yes, you can literally imagine the situation the lyrics speaks about. Not a bad song, if you enjoy listening to a story being narrated within a song or else you can listen to this track just for it’s music!

11. The Happy song

Don’t go by the name of this track, it’s a disguise to what it has to offer. Crazy and nonsensical are the right words to describe this track. Completely different from the other tracks in the album in terms of lyrics and the music. Lyrics is very monotonous but this track offers you a heavy rock music, the headbanging types! Chances are you might end up laughing out loud by the time the track finishes. Guys, you would love this one!

Must say, it’s a wacky yet a superb way to end an album.

Verdict: Poets of the fall is a very underrated and an underestimated band. The talented trio have composed some of the best rock music till date. Temple of thought is a brilliant album which showcases their versatility. Cradled in love,Running out of time,The distance and Temple of thought are a must listen. If you are in a mood to listen to some heavy rock music from this album, the happy song,The lie eternal and Kamikaze love are the appropriate tracks to listen to.

Poets of the fall are one of the best bands in Finland and they sure do have a lot of potential in them to fall under the category of the best rock bands of all time. It’s an album you shouldn’t miss out, because if you do, you are missing out on some fabulous music.

Album ★★★★★★★★★☆