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Album name: Heartthrob
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Label: Vapor, Warner Bros
Producer: Greg Kurstin, Mike Elizondo, Justin Meldal-Johnsen, Rob Cavallo


Heartthrob, the seventh studio album by Canadian alternative rock duo Tegan and Sara Quin, is light, frothy and delicious! It has all the angst, breeziness, jealousy, warm fuzziness and disarray of a relationship on fast forward.

The album was released on the 29th of January, 2013 by Vapor, Warner Bros. To me, at least, it sings of summer with simple Polaroid moments captured by the twins’ crazy awesome dual vocals! Most of the songs in this 36:27 minute synth pop/indie pop album are dizzyingly pretty without lacking substance. One song, in particular, is sure to play in my head all summer long!

Track Rating
Closer ★★★★★
Goodbye, Goodbye ★★★☆☆
I Was a Fool ★★★½☆
I’m Not Your Hero ★★★½☆
Drove Me Wild ★★½☆☆
How Come You Don’t Want Me ★★★★☆
I Couldn’t Be Your Friend ★★★☆☆
Love They Say ★★★☆☆
Now I’m All Messed Up ★★★★½
Shock to Your System ★★★☆☆


A fun and boppy song that might just make my summer! Closer is light and flirty with fun hooks and there’s no doubt that the Quin twins sound great together in the first track of the album! While it’s neither as intense nor as poetic as some of the tracks from their previous albums (Nineteen, for instance) you’re bound to have gotten into the groove by “I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical” and “I want you close/I want you”.

Goodbye, Goodbye

A goodbye to… past unrequited love? Or just a past relationship in general? The beat is catchy and it’s more celebratory than morose in tone!

I Was a Fool

The bewitching piano line at the beginning of the song practically sold the song to me. It’s breathy and wistful… definitely not what I thought was the Tegan and Sara standard; especially as the first Tegan and Sara song I ever listened to was The Con.  Nevertheless, I’ve been caught singing “I was a fool for love/I was a fool for love” mid-conversation and gotten weird looks… so it’s oddly catchy, despite having a comparatively slower beat.

I’m Not Your Hero

I cannot tell you much about this song. You need to listen to it. Potentially epiphany inducing, it encourages introspection and pays homage to being your own person.

Drove Me Wild

This song has fun and clever lyrics that capture the love-hate of a relationship in which you’re not exactly the one pulling the strings! Despite the great vocals and lyrics, it didn’t really stand out for me the way the first four tracks of the album did.

How Come You Don’t Want Me

Three words about the opening: Wicked awesome harmony. The twins truly shine in this song with their vocals that are filled with gusto! The chorus is filled with unanswerable questions that anyone who has ever been led on by someone would want to ask!

I Couldn’t Be Your Friend

“I couldn’t be your friend/even if I tried again,” the twins sing in the chorus in a way that makes you want to sing along in assent. This falls into the heartachey lyrics, fun beat category for sure.

Love They Say

THE background track for a happily ever after! A straight forward happy song that makes you want to be done with exams and huddle up with the romcoms.

Now I’m All Messed Up

I love, just love, how perfectly meshed the beat and the vocals are. And the lyrics do perfect justice to the messed-up-interlude-when-I’m-cut-up-and-you’ve-left-me-wondering chapter that’s a regular in every angst-filled relationship. With the utterances of “Stay!” and “Go!” … the lyrics and beats that directly and/indirectly capture the rhythmic echoes of your own heart beating, the fleeting glimpses of loneliness and delicious echoes of empty hope… this song NAILS it.

Shock to Your System

“What you are is lonely!” the twins sing in chorus. Not a chant you’d want running in your head. Yet this is the last track of Heartthrob. Not a bad track but it felt like a pretty sober (and logical and yes, kind of edgy) way to end the album. Then again, it is possible to hit replay and listen to Closer (track 1) yet again which is what I did!

While Heartthrob is as fleeting and impactful as a short-lived crush, it is also as wholesome and satisfying in its beginning and end of almost-closure.

Picks of the album: Closer (definitely making it to my summer playlist), Now I’m All Messed Up

Album verdict: This album is a fun, frothy and delicious summer fling waiting to happen!

Overall ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆