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Cast : Aamir Khan,Rani Mukherji,Kareena Kapoor,Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Music : Ram Sampath

Lyrics : Javed Akthar

Story : Reema Kagti,Zoya Akthar

Editing : Anand Subhaya

Cinematography : Mohanan

Screenplay : Reema Kagti,Zoya Akthar

Direction : Reema Kagti

Well,its finally out ! The much expected movie of the year “Talaash” starring Aamir Khan,Rani Mukherji,Kareena Kapoor has already been in the news for its impressive promos.This is Aamir Khan’s return to the big screen after the blockbuster “3 Idiots”.Ram Sampath,who won numerous critical acclaim for his score in Aamir Khan’s home production “Delhi Belly” is back again with Aamir. Time to check out what the album has in store for us :

        Track Name     Singers    Rating
  Muskaanein Jhooti Hai  Suman Sridhar   ★★★½☆
  Jee Le Zaraa   Vishal Dadlani   ★★★☆☆
  Hona Hai Kya   Ram Sampath   ★★★★☆
  Laakh Duniya Kahe   Ram Sampath   ★★½☆☆
  Jiya Lage Na   Sona Mohapatra,Ravindra Upadhyay   ★★★½☆
  Jee Le Zaraa (Remix)   Vishal Dadlani   ★★½☆☆

Album Analysis :

1.Muskaanein Jhooti Hai

Singers : Suman Sridhar

With not much choices left,this song becomes one of the better songs of the album.Although pretty sure that this song won’t feature as a mainstream song in the movie,this song has its moments.The initial humming portion reminds us vivdly of “Paartha Nyabagam Illayo” & the humming portion from “Main Hoon Don”.Suman Sridhar adds the right amount of huskiness required for this song & it works ! This song is pretty much of the same genre which includes “Babuji Dheere Chalna”,”Aayiye Meherbaan”,”Raat Akile Hey”.A good start !

2.Jee Le Zaraa

Singers : Vishal Dadlani

“Jee Le Zaraa” is a slow,haunting male-dominated song with superb,thoughtful lyrics by Javed Akthar.The vocals by Vishal Dadlani provides the feel which the song was intended to pull off.The lyrics & vocals score well in this song but the tune isn’t catchy.Also,this song appears as though it will be used as a montague in the movie.Might get catchy on repeated hearings !

3.Hona Hai Kya

Singers : Ram Sampath

Ram Sampath attempts an “Aur Ho” ! The composer himself sings this fast,rock number surrounded by loud instrumentations.This song is a leaf out of typical bollywood songs in the lines of “Emotional Attachyar”,”Zara Dil Ko”,”Aur Ho”.But,the song never really comes into that league leaving us a bit disappointed !

4.Jiya Lage Na

Singers : Sona Mohapatra,Ravindra Upadhyay

A rock-semi classical fusion ! Classical lovers would certainly love this song.Sona & Ravindra are impressive.Although some might find the fast paced drum beats distracting,it actually adds style to the song.The lyrics are note worthy.The pacing of the instruments & texturing of voice layers have been done in a nice way !

5.Laakh Duniya Kahe

Singers : Ram Sampath

By the time you start listening to this song in the album,you would have lost the enthusiasm to expect something spectacular.”Laakh Duniya Kahe” actually adds to this disappointment.This song follows the tried,tested & dusted tune & route.The vocals offer nothing special providing the “heard before” feel.This rock ballad has its high points too – Javed Akthar’s lyrics,background arrangements & the emotions conveyed, to name a few.

6.Jee Le Zaraa (Remix)

Singers : Vishal Dadlani

The remix version of “Jee Le Zaraa” is the least appealing song of the album.This song seems to be forced in the album just for the sake of adding a remix/or to make up for the limited number of songs in the album.Nothing much !

Album ★★★★★★½☆☆☆

“Talaash” had lots of expectations to fulfill. It comes from a composer fresh from the success of the much-acclaimed “Delhi Belly” & one look at Aamir Khan’s past films in this decade keeps us in awe(atleast, musically) – Lagaan,Dil Chahtha Hai,Mangal Pandey,Fanaa,3 Idiots,Ghajni,Taare Zameen Par,Rang De Basanthi.The music album of “Talaash” comes nowhere near the above mentioned albums.The album suffers sorely from the lack of a catchy song with all songs more or less being in the same genre & almost giving the “Sathyameva Jayate” feel.The promos for this movie have indeed fetched sky rocketing expectations & guessing by the promos, the songs might find it difficult to be placed in the film.The OST isn’t upto mark for a commercial movie.By standards of experimental cinema also,the music falls shot.One can hope that Aamir Khan – the magician pulls something spectacularly on the screen to enrich the songs ! Aamir’s weakest soundtrack in recent times!

Picks of the album : Muskaanein Jhooti Hai,Jiya Lage Na

Album Verdict : Well,the answer lies within!