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Music Band : Out Like Pluto

Album: Take cover

Production: Andy Tyra/Gavin Lurssen


Song Name Singers/Performers Rating
Where to Begin Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★½☆
Bridge Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★½☆
Rocco Karri Tarr/OLP ★★★½☆
Early Warning Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★★☆
Cellar Door Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★½☆
AutoPilot Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★½☆
Are We There Yet? Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★½☆
Papercut Kair Tarr/OLP/ Chuck Bass edit/ ★★★☆☆
Placebo (Turn Me On) Kari Tarr/OLP ★★★☆☆

1. Where to Begin 

This song has an explosive burst of energized beats with strong lead vocals that draws you in for more. I loved the drum and guitar collaborations at the start, which rev up your heart beat.

2. Bridge 

A modern-day love song with poetic sentiments that pull at the heart strings. It has a catchy chorus too.

3. Rocco 

An intense punkish feel to this song, as the vocals complement the theme of female empowerment.

4. Early Warning 

A passionate song that compiles mixed emotions heard in the lead vocalist’s voice.

5. Cellar Door

Very Cure inspired with the instrumentals in the first few moments of the song. The haunting female vocal sounds make this track absolutely meditative.

6. Autopilot 

Love the riffs of the guitar and the drumbeats on this track. The vocals are strong and powerful. A total alternative rock 90’s feel.

7. Starring John Stamos 

A softer start with the vocals in this track, with a mellow feel that continues to carry on throughout.  There is a definite pop-styling to this song and some intense guitar segways.

8. Are We There Yet?

A harder vocal track that has an anthem-like appeal. An energizing song that invigorates the senses.

9. Papercut (Chuck Bass edit) 

This was quite a different sound entirely from the rest of the tracks on this album. There’s a sweet innocence in this song with soft instrumental undertones keep a mellow feel throughout the whole song.

10.  Placebo (Turn Me On)

A fun and flirty love affair with the microphone keeps this song rockin’ with catchy lyrics and a song that you can crank up and sing along to. It’s like a free-spirited journey to your heart.

Album ★★★★★★★☆☆☆

Formed inSeattle, Out like Pluto may seem like a band out of this world and that’s probably because they are. Fresh, edgy and full of zest, what’s really not to love? This album truly embodies rockers at heart that have a pure passion and demonstrates the feel of youthfulness again at any age.

Check out the band’s website at: www.outlikepluto.com and for media inquiries: www.gritpr.com