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vishwaroopam songs


The promos have made it clear enough that the movie is set in the west & the theme is global.The songs have almost no place in the film except the classical number which I reckon will be there in the film.The film has an international aura to it & I guess SEL delivered the global music which they were expected to do.SEL are one of the very few versatile composers around the country and that explains Kamal’s choice for their music.This album would rank as one of the best albums of SEL.No second thoughts.Even after seeing the promos of the film,if one expects a typical mass album – item songs,duet songs..well,sorry for your senses.Because,this album is meant to cater the class audience & listeners better listen with an open mind.This is not the kind of album where you would expect every song to be part of the movie.The songs have been made in such a way that the music flows along with the flow of the movie.The album has rich lyrical content & the songs are very audible,pleasant(most of the current albums aren’t).The songs are quite ahead of its time & by the passage of time,will get even better recognition.Who’d have thought that Kamal might pull such a surprise from his hat by picking SEL & give such a global album.Well,the lyrics of the movie reply to that : ”Thadaigalai vendre sarithiram padaithavan,nyabagam varugiradha ? “