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Mem Vayasuku Vacham

Sekhar not only captivates you with his music but also with his voice in one of the songs. His talent sure needs to be encouraged with more opportunities. There is a right mix of slow and fast paced songs and no song sounds boring to you. Due credit should be given to the fact that Sekhar has been able to mix the beauty of traditional classical music and the instruments with western music and created a different kind of music this way. He has also experimented with the instrumentals a lot and with the fusion of the west and the east. Innovation is seen in almost every song like the song giftulu and this sure would make this album a hit with the masses. He has struck the right chord with the selection of the singers for the songs. The selection of instruments for the songs is beyond the applause he probably is getting right now. One only expects more variety in terms of tunes in some of the songs. The lyrics are different and humorous to hear in some numbers and this creates interest. Lyricists have done a good job is appealing to the youth. The songs are all youth oriented and they are given something different that would make them see classical music in a different perspective.