Naresh Iyer


This album is a treat for Yuvan fans. All the songs are catchy and well composed. Yuvan has done a great job and he deserves a congratulatory note. It is however not his best. But still, go for it and you wont be disappointed. A cool album with peppy songs having great tunes is guaranteed entertainment.


The debutant directors have completely missed the nativity in every song. Every song lacks something and nothing marks indelibly. The melody supposed to play a key role is a big let down to the album. Though vocalists are good, the musicians’ selectivity to the songs is mismatching and none of them touch the music lovers with their voice. The first song is too sensuous and that is not the real touch that one awaits from an album. Overall the album is not up to the mark. It would have been far good and better if they had considered the nativity factor. Though 2 songs are good but still there are very less chances to become the chartbusters. This is not an impressive debut; the visuals must support the music and make it a decent album. It is interesting to see that how Hindi audience accept this album.


Cast: Raviteja, Tapsee Pannu, Prabhu, Brahmanandam, Jayasudha, Vennala Kishore, Venu Madhav, Shayaji shinde etc Music: Vijay Anthony ( Nakku Mukka song fame) ...

Oru Kal Oru Kannadi

Harris has come up with his 2nd good album this year. After 'Nanban' whose songs were big hits, this album doesn't fail to impress. However, it is not a great album either. A couple of songs have been composed well and a few of them are quite repetitive. If you are a Harris fan, go for it and you will surely love it!

Mayakkam Enna

G V Prakash Kumar has come out with a fine album again. He doesn't disappoint. In fact, he has done a real cool job and the album is gonna rock the charts! Go grab the songs soon. It has a mix of funny and soulful music. A perfect blend for the youth these days!

7am Arivu

Though not a very awesome album, this one has enough to make it top the charts for the time being. Harris has experimented with a few songs and also made use of different tunes. But the question of whether it will make a mark as much as 'Ghajini' did is quite unanswerable. Lets wait and see.